Rape simulation game sold on Amazon

Trigger Warning

This link is for another review of the game, as I really don’t wish to investigate the actual pages (somewhat triggering).  I’ll quote some of the original review, though.

"A game that involves the player stalking victims and then raping them in a virtual world is being offered for sale by online retailer Amazon.com, the Belfast Telegraph’s website can reveal.

…One website review describes "tears glistening in the young girl’s eyes" as she is attacked in graphic detail.

Players begin the game by stalking a mother on a subway station before violently raping her. They then move on to attack her two daughters described as virgin schoolgirls."

It continues that if you get your victim pregnant you need to force her to have an abortion or she has a child and kills you.

Censorship is a government issue.  Private companies, however, choose what they will provide in order to make money.  Therefore, I promote contacting Amazon (or any other game provider that you discover which carries this) and telling them that you are disappointed in them, will not patronize them, or any other action that carrying this type of product influences you to do.

This is a link to a screengrab of the Amazon product screen (accessed from BoingBoing also).  See, even leaving comments will draw the game’s rating down!

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