Monday Monty Blogging (new neighborhood edition)

Monty waits patiently for Andrew to get our morning coffee.
About two months ago, we moved into a house. Like, a grown up one. With frigging multiple bathrooms – unheard of in New York. We seriously lucked out.
Monty loves the new neighborhood – Sunnyside, represent! – more than anyone, and especially loves having a backyard. Also, there are dogs everywhere here; it’s ass-sniffing heaven every time we take a walk. For Monty, I mean. Yeah, that’s the ticket.
(If anyone out there also lives in Sunnyside, make sure to stop by my parents’ health food store – it’s the shit.)
Related: I almost forgot to add in what I originally wanted to post about! Feminist pet wars!

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  • mona

    What a darling dog! I love how the early morning light reflects off of the white parts of his fur and makes it look extra-bright :-)

  • Rosanna

    Aww, what a sweetheart! He just turned my frown upside down (which was from viewing the Sexist Superbowl ads) :-)

  • Hugo Schwyzer

    He gets handsomer in every picture.

  • thetestosteronewars

    There’s something wonderful about living in a walkable neighborhood with a dog. Even in the dead of winter (in Minnesota!), I can walk to grab a coffee or even make a quick grocery trip with my dog.

  • AspieSociologist

    That’s my (child)’hood! I love Aubergine! And Copper Kettle! And I used to buy TVP in bulk at your parents’ store!
    As a former resident and dog owner, I can say that while Super Doggy Wonder Kitty (43rd St btwn 43rd Ave and Qns Blvd) is probably the most awesomely named and well priced pet supply store in the City, Sunnyside sorely lacks a good dog run. DoughBoy Park over in Woodside is crap, especially considering the size of the dog-owning population in S-side and W-side.
    Having grown up in one of those row houses in S-side, I must say, they are the best deal in NYC real estate. Congrats!

  • Liza

    He’s so cute.
    You don’t really tie him up outside like that? Please tell me it was just for the picture.
    Because even if it’s “just for a minute” or “just while I get my coffee” he can still get loose, get bitten, get stolen, get provoked into doing something that you will later be accountable for, or some other horrible thing I can’t think of. Leave him home when you get coffee and go without it when you’re walking your dog!
    That’s directed at anyone who lives in a city and has a dog, btw. I work in a pet store that’s near a Starbucks and I see dogs tied up outside all the time, even in 100-degree heat and 9-degree cold. It breaks my heart and pisses me off at the same time.

  • Jessica

    Hey Liza, I knew someone was going to say something about that! Yes, we just put him there for the picture – we never leave him tied up outside, one of us is always with him. :)

  • Jessica

    Nice! Yes, I’m totally with you about the lack of a dog run – we take him to LIC sculpture park and Astoria park, but it would be nice to have a place close to home.

  • Arvilla

    Now, I’m very much in favor of the feminist pet wars. I’ve been lol’ing at them all day (especially Renee’s post).
    But, it breaks my heart to see you so clearly favor the k-9, even in your own home. I miss seeing pics of your kitteh. It’s like if you had two kids and only blogged about one of them…such an injustice…
    And just for the feminist record, here’s where my bf and I side in this whole dispute:

  • thetestosteronewars

    Or maybe a meteorite will fall out of the sky and hit your poor, lonely puppy on the head. Surely, if you’d been present you could have reached up and swatted it away.
    I find it more abusive to leave my energetic dog locked up alone when I’m out walking around the neighborhood running my errands.

  • whatsername

    I couldn’t agree more! I’m extremely disappointed that Jessica is only showcasing the Feminist Dog Uprising, and not even giving the time of day to the equally important posts of the Feminist Cat Collective. Though I’m not very surprised, her doggy patriarch colluding colors have shown through and through for quite some time now!

  • Vsolanas

    Pet wars? Seriously? We don’t have, like, a patriarchy to dismantle or anything?
    Did we forget about the fact that many of our sisters are too broke to own any pets as a result of that whole discrimination thing we claim to be fighting? I smell the teensiest of disconnects.

  • Kristen

    Sometimes life sucks and you need to find a reason to smile. Looking at puppies and kittens makes me smile.
    Plus Abbie is clearly the most adorable pet of all time.


    Oh my god! That is my neighborhood! Aubergine is my coffee shop, and it has the best coffee in the city, I am convinced.
    Welcome, Jessica!

  • sangetencre

    This is not an either/or situation.
    You can have fun, enjoy your life, talk about your pets or your hobbies and work to smash patriarchy, lobby for equal pay, dismantle institutional sexism, racism, etc.

  • M0xieHart

    Wait, I thought we always had to be serious. That’s why there are no feminist commedians.

  • Liza

    Awesome. Glad to hear it. Huzzah!

  • Liza

    Really? Meteors? We’ve resorted to that?
    Here’s an idea: take the energetic puppy to the park or for a walk, then take him/her home to sleep it off while you run your errands. Or, do the errands that are in pet-friendly places while you have the dog then take him home before going into, say, a grocery store.
    There are a lot of easy ways to avoid leaving an animal tied to a railing.