Illinois sued for refusing to correct birth certificates

Well, this is fucked. Two transsexual women are suing the state of Illinois for refusing to change their birth certificates to reflect their gender identities.
When Kari Rothkopf went to her hometown in Springfield to change her birth certificate, the supervisor at the vital records office told her that it couldn’t be changed because she intended to have her gender reassignment surgery outside the U.S. (Both Rothkpf and Victoria “Tori” Kirk had their surgery in Thailand.) So the two teamed up with the ACLU to take action. Kirk said at a recent news conference:

“It could create significant problems for me in the future . . . A document that says I am male puts me at risk of embarrassment, harassment and possibly even physical violence.”

As all three are too well known to the trans community. Let’s hope these women get some justice for this bullshit.
via Feministe.

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