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Sarah Haskins does the Super Bowl shuffle.
After divorce, men’s incomes increase while women’s decrease.
Gazan women tell their stories.
A group of women in Mangalore, India were attacked for simply being out in public “indecently dressed.” Jill has video, and Ultra Violet has a powerful open letter to the local government.
Kenya’s transgender community has recently faced several human rights violations.
Veronica started a new natural hair blog, for chemical- and color-free ladies. Her intro post is here.
Harriet’s Daughter adds an inauguration caveat: No, not everything has changed. (Yup, that racial barrier is still there…)
The good news about women and children in the economic stimulus package.
Jean-Paul Gaultier used a 51-year-old fashion model in his recent runway show. Fashion models “are not just 14-year-olds,” Mr. Gaultier said later. “There are no [age] barriers to beauty.”
A woman in the UK had a friend paint her portrait after she had a mastectomy, and the portrait is now being shown in the Louvre.
Cara posted a great video of Andrea Gibson on “living in our stupidly gender-obsessed culture when you present your gender ambiguously.”
The glass ceiling in politics, writes Jamelle, is created by “barriers of perception, entry and access rather than barriers to electoral achievement. Which means, to me at least, that we should spend less time kvetching about Caroline Kennedy, and more time doing the difficult work of recruiting more women candidates, and encouraging women’s political ambition.
In areas with longer average commutes, married women are less likely to participate in the workforce.
Push is the story of Precious Jones, an obese and illiterate teen whose mother and father are sexually, physically, and emotionally abusing her.” It won accolades at Sundance, and is currently looking for a distributor.
Ashlee Simpson smacks down the media for criticizing her sister’s body.
When it comes to enjoying pop culture that contradicts your personal beliefs, Tami asks, “What I want to know is : Where’s your line? I mean, what separates the offensive comedy you abhor and that you tolerate and find hilarious? What criteria does a slightly sexist song have to pass to make it on to your iPod?”
Connecting the dots between climate change and unsafe working conditions for women.
Debating what the Palin phenomenon says about feminism.
Sara at F-Words is (understandably!) skeptical about MTV’s ability to execute a new version of How’s Your News?, a show produced by people with developmental disabilities.
Juliana at Bitch reviews Tool Academy, a VH1 show in which “women drag their truly terrible boyfriends through a relationship boot camp in hopes of turning them into nice guys.”
How can The New York Times simultaneously debunk and reinforce the crack-baby myth?
I concur with MzBitca’s take on Nadya Suleman, who just gave birth to octuplets. That this was her choice and she seems very happy, so that’s that. (Rachel at Rachel’s Tavern offers a different view.)
TransGriot on black LGBT history.
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