Yes Means Yes LiveBloggin’ Monday!

On Monday, Yes Means Yes co-editors Jessica and Jaclyn Friedman will be livechatting on Feministing with contributors Miriam, Samhita and Cara from the Curvature and Feministe about the book.
The chat begins at 3 pm EST. Make sure to check it out!

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  • jenny L

    Hi Jessica and everyone who contributed to the book “Yes Means Yes”. I just finished it last week and I just wanted to say great book. I loved the different perspectives and well everyone brought something great to their essays. So thanks. I have already recommended edit on and some of my friends have already marked it as to-read. Can’t wait till your new book comes out Jessica. I am going to try to get online for the live chat but just in case I can’t I wanted to send you a message.

  • Vsolanas

    An interesting response I saw on Facebook to a Yes Means Yes event:
    I opened up a random page from this book and found myself reading some fawning interview with women who described themselves as sex-positive sex workers. They said something about how “sex workers are at the forefront of sexual liberation” and “it’s a shame that so many women don’t know that they’re doing this important work.”
    Then I closed the book and tried not to cry. To have someone refer to the hundreds (thousand? I don’t remember) of rapes I endured as somehow bringing about a sexual revolution and blow the experiences of women like me off with some vague statement about what a shame it is we didn’t understand how fun and liberating our rapes were… This is the exact opposite of feminism. It’s victim-blaming and active misogyny which most women who have ever been in prostitution would find deeply deeply hurtful. It’s an effort to silence the traumatized and take away our voices. It’s rape apologia.