Friday Feminist Fuck You: George W. Bush

Miriam and I bring you a very presidential “fireside chat edition” of the Friday video. (Yes, we are total dorks and vlogged in front of Miriam’s fireplace.) Today, we say good riddance and FUCK YOU to George W. Bush by listing some of his offenses.

Transcript after the jump. Oh, and pardon our poor production quality.

In comments, add your own reasons for saying “fuck you” to Dubya.

Miriam: Hi everyone, welcome to another double-trouble Friday Feminist Fuck You. Fireside chat edition.

Ann: This week we were talking about who deserves a “fuck you,” and after eight years of George W. Bush, we figured there was a lot to say “fuck you” to, before we move on to the Obama era. So today we’re going to run down just a few of the reasons to give George W. Bush the ol’ middle finger.

Miriam: To start it all off… For invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ann: For supporting a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Miriam: For royally screwing up in New Orleans after Katrina.

Ann: For reinstating the Global Gag Rule.

Miriam: Torture.

Ann: More money for abstinence-only education.

Miriam: Bullying the U.N.

Ann: Easing environmental regulations

Miriam: Warrantless wiretapping.

Ann: Racial profiling in the wake of 9/11.

Miriam: Offering women on welfare marriage classes instead of job training.

Ann: Guantanamo.

Miriam: We think we can blame him for the economy, too. We’re not really sure how, but we figure he’s involved.

Ann: And finally, those 11th-hour HHS regulations that allow health-care providers to deny services based on their personal beliefs.

Miriam: So, George W., from Ann and Miriam with love, a final FUCK YOU.

Ann: Fuck you.

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  • Jessica

    Omg, fireside fuck you! Swoon.

  • Rachel_Setzer

    Motherfucking “snowflake babies” and the ban on stem cell research.

  • ArmyVetJen

    Fuck Dubbie for going to war with a cabinet full of hypocrites who did everything they could not to go to Vietnam, while they publically supported it.

  • ArmyVetJen

    Fuck Dubbie for going to war with a cabinet full of hypocrites who did everything they could not to go to Vietnam, while they publically supported it.

  • Fabiola

    Funny. I was doing my laundry last night at a 24 hour laundromat, one with two televisions may I add. One TV had English news the other one was Spanish news. Then a clip of Bush’s exit speech came on the English news, I mumbled “fuck you” a couple times as I folded my clothes. And flipped him off like three times when the Spanish news showcased Bush giving his exit speech.
    It was great. Fuck is so freeing, that word, for everything. For the corruption, economy (which he and his cronies and family have a lot to do with it)…

  • Tecolata

    I’m a biologist. In microbiology we often have to plate bacterial cultures and count how many colonies grow. Sometimes the plate is totally covered and the actual correct response in that case is “TMTC”, which stands for “too many to count”.
    And that are my reasons for saying fuck you to Bush. TMTC.
    On Monday I am going to plant a rose bush in my garden, to return to a time when the word bush means something pretty and living.

  • Chickensh*tEagle

    Signing statements.
    And WTF, no FFFY for Dick Cheney? After all, he sent it around with the floor of the Senate as his launching pad!

  • Lambsidivey

    Fuck you for trying to gut the Endangered Species Act!

  • rudo

    Fuck you, George W. Bush for making me and other women feel like a second-class citizen.

  • JosephLillo

    Fuck you, GWB, for NCLB.

  • EvilSlutClique

    Fuck you for claiming in your farewell speech that things are so much better now for women in Afghanistan.

  • aftercancer

    Fuck you for blocking stem cell research

  • catspaw

    Fuck you for abstinence-only sex (mis)education.
    (Feel free to share with Congress!)

  • Frowny

    You two are awesome. And really adorable. Just sayin’.
    Fuck you, Bush, for EVERYTHING.

  • katie

    I’ll second that “fuck you” for NCLB

  • el zorro

    This is why I think history will overwhelmingly view Bush as the worst president. There have been presidents, namely Buchanan, Hoover, and Nixon, whose inexcusable spectacular screw-ups were bigger than Bush’s but Bush had inexcusable spectacular screw-ups so consistently and unapologetically, and he was more backward for his time than any other president.

  • Megs

    I’ll third that one…

  • debbye

    Pretty much everything has been said but this has always bugged me:
    Fuck you, George Bush, for rubbing German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s shoulders at the G8 Summit in 2006. She’s the fucking Chancellor of Germany you jackass!

  • homebird

    Fuck you gwb and cheney for re-distributing the people’s treasure to a select few – twice!

  • ouini

    I knew months ago that, not long after he left office, my coworkers would start asking out loud what was so bad about Bush. Condoning Torture and using weasel words to continue using it is my #1 unforgettable reason, but the rest sometimes become a cloud of remembered anger.
    Thanks for colocating so many reasons GWB was a miserable President. This is a handy list.

  • kelseyfro7

    I’ll fourth that? Fuck you for not taking the time to think through the damn thing. It may have been a nice idea with decent intentions, but it has backfired terribly.