Friday Feminist Fuck You: George W. Bush

Miriam and I bring you a very presidential “fireside chat edition” of the Friday video. (Yes, we are total dorks and vlogged in front of Miriam’s fireplace.) Today, we say good riddance and FUCK YOU to George W. Bush by listing some of his offenses.

Transcript after the jump. Oh, and pardon our poor production quality.

In comments, add your own reasons for saying “fuck you” to Dubya.

Miriam: Hi everyone, welcome to another double-trouble Friday Feminist Fuck You. Fireside chat edition.

Ann: This week we were talking about who deserves a “fuck you,” and after eight years of George W. Bush, we figured there was a lot to say “fuck you” to, before we move on to the Obama era. So today we’re going to run down just a few of the reasons to give George W. Bush the ol’ middle finger.

Miriam: To start it all off… For invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ann: For supporting a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Miriam: For royally screwing up in New Orleans after Katrina.

Ann: For reinstating the Global Gag Rule.

Miriam: Torture.

Ann: More money for abstinence-only education.

Miriam: Bullying the U.N.

Ann: Easing environmental regulations

Miriam: Warrantless wiretapping.

Ann: Racial profiling in the wake of 9/11.

Miriam: Offering women on welfare marriage classes instead of job training.

Ann: Guantanamo.

Miriam: We think we can blame him for the economy, too. We’re not really sure how, but we figure he’s involved.

Ann: And finally, those 11th-hour HHS regulations that allow health-care providers to deny services based on their personal beliefs.

Miriam: So, George W., from Ann and Miriam with love, a final FUCK YOU.

Ann: Fuck you.

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