Fun with Feminist Flickr (Australian graffiti edition)

Pic from Narcotic Coyote

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  • BurnTheVegan

    I’m not quite sure what that picture is supposed to be of.

  • Sidewriter

    Me neither. I’m guessing it’s a vagina…?

  • katieann

    What the heck IS that?

  • Crypticfortune

    Ya, that’s a very very confusing picture. At first I thought it was chicken leg or something. Then I noticed those lobes up there and realized it’s probably supposed to be showing the internal structure of the clitoris. But I think it’s quite hard to “discover the internal structure of your clitoris” in that much detail without a good anatomy book =P

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, took me a minute, but I think it’s a vulva. The clitoris up top of course and the labia sticking out to the sides. Not quite what mine looks like, but hey, they all look different.

  • wesley pepper

    Devil’s advocate here.
    One the one hand, there are many posts on feministing about dismembered female parts being bad. Then this weird, hardly recognizable portrayal of the female reproductive tract is supposed to be celebrated?
    What is the difference? Context?

  • Lilith Luffles

    It’s the intent. The items you talk about reduce women to just those parts, as though they are the only parts enjoyed by men therefor the only ones that need exist. In contexts like this, it is replacing a word with a picture, and showing to the public that these parts are not gross or shameful, just part of the female anatomy. It wouldn’t need to be celebrated if it wasn’t gross/shameful/fully understood.

  • sciencevalkyr

    Seconding what Lilith Luffles said, with extra emphasis on

    as though they are the only parts enjoyed by men, therefore the only ones that need exist

    The words, “Have you discovered your…” imply that it is women who should be enjoying their own clitores. The dismembered parts you refer to are meant to be enjoyed by men–and the fact that they are only the parts, and not whole women, implies that the men don’t have to care about women, just those parts they like.

  • Feminist Review

    I think the fact that it is hardly recognizable speaks volumes. Would we not recognize if this picture were of breasts or a penis?

  • Emeraldcityserendipity

    Female genitalia (i.e. much more so than male genitalia) comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, scents, and colors and people (i.e. people of all genders) should be aware of this. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in not recognizing the drawing and I’d be willing to bet that if we were to hundreds of vagina images we would understand why we might not immediately recognize one particular image.

  • Lilly

    I think that it’s unrecognizability can be traced to the fact that it is a low resolution picture of a bad photocopy of an anatomical diagram. If it was a diagram of the internals of the corpus cavernosa, I don’t think anyone would recognize it either.
    Actually, I doubt I’d know what it was except for the fact that it was posted here, and labeled as “feminist graffiti”
    It looks like it might be an isometric view of the vaginal canal? It could also be a stalactite

  • meeneecat

    Yeah, I think the image could have been done a little better, I have a feeling, that the only people who recognize what this is, are the people who have already discovered their clits. It would probably be more effective if the picture were clearer – or if there was an easy to remember url at the bottom where curious people could go to find an explanation and of course a full run down about the clitoris.

  • uberhausfrau

    if you wanna discover your *insert above image* i highly suggest “new view of a woman’s body.” i think it’s still in print.