Deep Thoughts, by Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter says single motherhood is “a recipe to create criminals, strippers, rapists, murderers.”
That is all.
Via Feministe.

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  • that girl

    Shoot. Better go tell my best friend since kindergarten, a brilliant econ/business major, that she’s actually doomed to become a stripper. Wonder how she’ll take that.

  • Eileen

    Are strippers supposed to be equivalent to rapists and murderers in that sentence?

  • kat

    And presidents? Since 2 of our last 3 are the products of single mothers.
    Though given that they are both democrats, she probably feels they are the equivalent of rapists and murderers.

  • Annabelle


  • Janet

    wow, that doesn’t leave much hope for my 5 year old daughter. guess I better find me a man to insure she doesn’t become any of those things, because who better to teach her?

  • Toni

    Who is buying her books? I can’t understand how anyone, even a conservative, could like her. If I was conservative I think I would hate her more because she makes them look so horrible.
    Slight OT, has she figured out how to blame her fall (the one that made her have her jaw wired shut) on liberals yet?

  • DevenL


  • Smart_Giraffe

    She is just trying to get the spotlight back on HER after other conservative women (Elizabeth Hasselback and Sarah Palin) recently stole the lime light.

  • rosezilla

    To do list:
    29. Punch Ann Coulter in the throat.

  • SarahMC

    I wonder which horrors Sarah Palin’s new grandbaby will commit against society as an adult.

  • clareNY

    @SarahMC — maybe she will convince her grandmother to run for office again. that would be horrible.

  • T-Monster

    I saw that headline on MSNBC yesterday and I purposely didn’t read the rest. Isn’t America over that whole conservative outcry thing already?
    Sidenote: my partner always swears Ann Coulter is an undercover liberal working to make conservatives sound stupid, thus further discrediting them. I wish he was right, but I think she’s a genuine asshole.

  • katliz

    Another gem from a recent interview of hers, in regard to her new book: She claims that Barack Obama, Halle Berry and Aleica Keys all CHOOSE to “identify” with their absent, black fathers in order to achieve victimhood status in the US, rather than “identifying” with the single white mother who raised them.
    Honestly, I wish people would learn how to ignore her.

  • alixana

    From interviews I’ve read with Ann Coulter, it’s pretty clear that she doesn’t believe half of what she says and that she’s making one big outrageous joke in order to be noticed out of all the other pundits. So, my response is to treat her in kind and not take a word she says seriously and laugh at her craziness.

  • brittney peArce

    How heartless. It’s like people really don’t think about the impact their words make when they open their vile mouths…especially effing Ann Coulter! I guess everything my single mother ever did for me was a waste of time. I mean fuck, I only have four options here to choose from! Sorry mom, but those three jobs you worked when I was a kid, you shouldn’t have! All that money you invested so I could go to a kick ass school…why bother? I’ll just trade in those straight A’s and diploma for a stripper pole next week.
    Ann Coulter knows best!

  • MommyD

    gosh darn it, my poor miscreant son just got accepted to Temple yesterday. I’ll need to let him know he’ll have to decline because he’ll be in prison for rape/murder/grandtheft auto (choose one.
    Does Miss Coulter have parents? or what she born of jackal?

  • johanna in dairyland

    I saw this interview on the Today show and thought to myself, “But doesn’t she oppose comprehensive sex-ed, easy access to contraception, and legal abortion?”
    Oh Ann, you’re so silly.

  • GatsbysLover

    So women who get abortions are evil sluts, but the women who don’t get abortions and become single mothers instead are to be blamed for “criminals, stippers, rapists and murderers?”
    Got it.
    Ann Coulter makes my head hurt. I know plenty of conservatives who can’t stand her.

  • ElleStar

    Sounds like someone’s trying to get another book noticed.

  • Lisa

    Every time Ann Coulter has a book coming out, she makes an extremely inflammatory statement publicly. I can always tell she’s a got a new title when the liberal blogs start going crazy about some new outrageous quote. This is her route to get publicity for the book and it works like a charm. I’d rather not her the attention.

  • SaltyLilKipper

    I can’t believe this level of assholery is unintentional. She must just be spouting this crap for attention, good or bad.

  • Rachel

    now i know how much ignorance can be stuffed into one person’s brain.

  • Kate

    Please don’t start putting up posts like this. I already know how much Ann Coulter makes my skin crawl and how she is batshit crazy. I need sites like feministing to help me escape that attention whore.

  • FLT

    I don’t want to be the one to tell the Menendez brothers their parents were never married.

  • Clare

    Mmm… stripper pie.

  • AnUnfunnyFeminist

    And wearing the same black dress everywhere you go is a recipe for smelliness.

  • Nepenthe

    Come on, jackals are adorable. Don’t put them in the same boat as HER!

  • Rachel_in_WY

    No doubt, since, in her imagination none of them are Republicans.

  • Rachel_in_WY

    And what about the deadbeat dads?

  • Ariel

    Wow! Better tell my mom that I’m a criminal/ stripper/rapist because she divorced a suicidal pshycho! Thanks Ann!

  • bifemmefatale

    And then they join the GOP and run for office.

  • SarahMC

    Easy. The women should have tried harder to keep them around.

  • Lisa

    Exactly. She knows just how to incite controversy to get publicity and everyone plays right along. She’s made a very lucrative career out of being a real-life troll (in the internet sense of trolling, this is not a comment about her appearance).

  • Eliza Murray

    Anne Coulter is alot like reality tv stars who say outragous and stupid things but know exactly what they are doing. People call them dumb but they don’t care as long as people are paying attention. Maybe she feels smart because people pay attention to her and get angry when she says stuff she knows has no basious? Although, this claim sounds alot like the one made by Steven Levitt and Steven Dubner in the book Freakenomics. They tryed to make the case that crime went down in New York because of Roe v. Wade. Poor women whom are more like to have children whom will grow up to commit violent crimes started aborting babies who would become future rapist and murders. Oh, and stripers too, because taking your clothes off is totaly equal to rape and murder. Although Levitt and Dubner only talked about boys. Hmm, wonder why? Their entire arguement reaks of sexism but it is possible at its base their is a little truth to it. In general I think its interesting to blame the mothers (witch other people beside Anne Coulter do) when by definition the dads are the ones that are not around.

  • alixana

    Indeed. Feministing should know better than to play along. We’re just giving her free advertising.
    She’s a product, a commodity really (or, more specifically, her rants and “shocking” comments are). Like I said above, I’m not really offended by her because I get exactly what she’s doing and why. But I still think Feministing and other feminist blogs would do better to not play along with her.

  • Newbomb Turk

    Who is buying her books? I can’t understand how anyone, even a conservative, could like her. If I was conservative I think I would hate her more because she makes them look so horrible.

    The reason Ann “thrax” Coulter’s books appear on bestseller lists is the same reason L.Ron Hubbard’s books are bestsellers: They scam the system. In Hubbard’s case, the Church of Scientology buys the books to artificially boost sales. In Coulter’s case, right-wing groups buy them in bulk and offer them as freebies when you sign up at their websites. Those are counted as sales.
    I used to work for a major book store chain and the number of people who walk into a store and buy one of these books is minuscule. Most are remaindered, as anyone who wants to get a used copy at Amazon can see (many of the books sell there for pennies).

  • xenu01

    I wonder what the recipe to create people like her is, as I’d like to avoid it. Substitute baking powder for cream of tartar?

  • i_muse

    What is the formula that created the monster we call Anne Coulter?
    At least single mothers wont be blamed for that mess.

  • Bekka

    Oh yes, SHAME on the women who leave their abusive Husbands/Boyfriends and take the courage to raise children on their own. If only they put up with the beatings, their children could be doctors or conservative authors. Instead their doomed to be murderers and rapists.

  • Amanda

    *sigh* This kind of bile is exactly why I have to avert my eyes while visiting any book store this week.

  • i_muse

    yes, godz forbid cause
    ya know being a stripper is equivalent to being a criminal,
    specifically rapist or murderer.
    Cause you know, we stripperZ, especially those of us who are single mothers (who do we think we are!), never make anything of ourselves. We are a nuisance to society.
    Thank you for motivating me to do more than produce other peoples film projects.
    Back to my screenplay I go.
    I’ll be sure to write one that can get to the hearts and minds of Feminists as well as the Coulters of the world.

  • i_muse

    an an outspoken Republican Stripper would probably get her ass kicked backstage.

  • voluptuouspanic

    Ann Coulter is kind of like the girl who bullies others in middle school. She does it for attention. And if you just ignore it, she’ll go away.

  • i_muse

    yes, because when a stranger looks at any of those mentioned one automatically thinks “white”
    she is a sick, twisted fiend.

  • allegra

    Hmm. I guess that makes failures and future criminals out of about half of all kids being raised in the country.
    And I love how she throws “strippers” in with the list of violent-crime perpeatrators (rapists, murderers) when strippers are neither criminal nor violent in any way whatsoever. And that she ignores children being raised by *single fathers*, which is becoming more and more common.

  • gothchiq

    Coulter is a fucking moron. I can’t believe anyone listens to her at all. She’s the most willfully ignorant person. *shakes head* Oh and I like that pose which is intended to disguise her huge adam’s apple. bahahahahahaha

  • alixana

    Making fun of transsexuals on a feminist website seems a little backwards…
    And she’s not willfully ignorant. But she does willfully take advantage of people paying attention to her. Which is why she keeps talking this crazy talk.

  • Roja

    I guess America just voted for a stripper criminal rapist murdered then… :)
    I wish I could make so much money just for being outrageous and shitty to people. it seems easy enough.

  • Roja

    sorry, I meant murderer

  • Deva

    I know that personal experience does not equal evidence but I just have to add that I have a brother and sister, both raised by their fathers (gasp!different men!) while I was raised by my (gasp! single!) mother. I love them, but little brother went to prison for murder and little sister ended up marrying a pimp, strung out, etc. No her little girl is being raised by said pimp because Nevada believes in “equal rights” for parenting. I wonder what daddy’s little girl will grow up to do.
    Guess what Crazy Ann. Fathers aren’t from heaven and mothers from hell. From what I’ve seen (and this applies to almost every person I know well) fathers (biological or not) are less competent parents, more abusive, more perverted, less caring and responsible, etc. I don’t think this is inherent in the XY makeup, just in a culture that excuses and idolizes males for being males. Crazy Ann is the poster girl for said culture.