Created Equal – MC Flow

You can check out more of MC Flow here.
Via Queers United.

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  • Poetry

    I have a new crush. That’s amazing, for real.

  • Smart_Giraffe

    Such a great video and song! Thank you for posting.

  • Lilly

    I’m impressed by this artist. As a partial rap fan, I can see she needs some work (After the video is over, try to remember some of the lyrics) But her voice is promising.
    I always love new queer artists.

  • briana83

    Wow. Love it

  • Frowny

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

  • A.H.

    As a queer woman, of course, I’m outraged and saddened by the passage of prop. 8. But as an anti-racist organizer, I cringe at some of these verses.
    “Just this week we voted—a change overcame our nation
    But we left gays out. Now who’s on the plantation?
    Happy to watch Will & Grace and Ellen underneath the lights
    But just as quick to change the channel when we ask for civil rights.”
    Don’t get me wrong–I’ve definitely been marginalized by anti-LGBT policies around the country (even in my home state). But I’m white, and I’ve never been enslaved, and I’ve never worked on a plantation. These convenient and hasty comparisons between the LGBT rights movement and the civil rights/abolitionist movements are setting us way, way back–and they’re not doing anything to build bridges with racial justice movements, to broaden the movement for social justice, or to overcome the racist myths used to explain away the passage of Prop. 8.
    Sorry to be a downer! I just have a really hard time seeing those parallels drawn unchallenged.

  • km stitchery

    ok, this video made me cry, I am too emotional :P It’s so hard not to get angry about this, I am just astounded at how backward and conservative people can be…arg.
    This reminded me a little bit of my friends band, they are a feminist hip hop duo called “The Nancy Drew Crew”. Here’s their myspace:

  • km stitchery

    This made me cry (I’m too emotional :P). I am just astounded at how ridiculous conservatives are. They’ll tell you that they are voting on 2 issues abortion and gay marriage. Ack! Church and state are separate and atleast, ok, if the church doesn’t want to sanction it the state should be able to sanction gay marriages!
    Also, this reminded me, my friends are in a feminist hip hop duo called “The Nancy Drew Crew”. Check out their myspace:

  • Danyell

    This actually made me tear up a little. Probably because her voice is so constant and unfaltering- it is steady and strong and true. And I agree with everything that she said.
    A.H. – I understand what you mean. She is a White woman and has never had to literally be a slave, so that parallel is a stretch. But comparing the gay civil rights movement to that of Black Americans is not at all. In many cultures and in points in history, gays were treated less than human as well. The only reason it was difficult to oppress them on a large scale is because you can’t tell who they are on sight alone. But they have been killed, alienation and, in the past, banned from becoming American citizens if they tried to immigrate if there was reason to believe they were gay, cross dressers or queer in anyway. (Or black-listed, deported, etc) Her lyrics are hyperboloid at times, but her point is -how can one kind of oppression be nationally frowned upon, while another is “OK” just because someone connects it to religion? The histories are different by extremely similar and both are ongoing struggles and I think that point is extremely valid.

  • songtamer

    I think that, instead of trying to draw parallels between the battle for black civil rights and gay civil rights, she might be making a commentary on how statistics have proven that the majority of homophobes tend to be black, which is definitely disheartening. I do agree that putting these lyrics in didn’t help the cause, though.