Fun Feministing Fact

The number 4 search term that brings people to this site is ‘ballbusting’. Just in case you were wondering.

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  • mapaghimagsik

    Rock on! Go for #1!
    They say it like its a bad thing :)

  • alixana

    I’m dying to know what causes someone to search for “ballbusting” – what the hell are they hoping to find?

  • Svutlov

    My fear is that a search engine search of “underage sex” will bring people to this site.
    Being a ball buster is something to be proud of, and a lot of women would do well to seek advice on how to be a better ball-busters (in the figurative sense of the term).
    Endorsing or encouraging “underage sex” is not something anyone in their right mind would want to be associated with.

  • Svutlov

    Women who want to learn how to be more assertive.
    Or men that are looking for domineering women.
    Or job head hunters that want assertive women as part of the management team.
    Ballbuster is not a bad term, or label to have.

  • Marjlene


  • steven

    What are the first three search terms that bring someone to feministing?
    Or how about the top 10?

  • Ninapendamaishi

    Like 3/4ths of Americans engage in underage sex. So you are essentially calling 3/4ths of Americans out of their mind, just fyi.

  • Cameron

    I think ball-busting is more of a term for teasing someone. Although, uh, Wikipedia…says something different.

  • idratherbedrunk

    The searching for ballbusting mostly gives you links to videos, most of which I would say are actually pretty funny.
    Now if you are unsatisfied with your first page of links and go to the second page you get this feministing article with the term ballbusting.

  • Svutlov

    “Like 3/4ths of Americans engage in underage sex.”
    And you don’t think that’s a bad thing?
    I think most Americans think that is a bad thing.
    You said you work in impoverished neighborhoods? I am sure in impoverished neighborhoods it’s 9/10th, and that not a good thing.

  • Ms. Liberty

    I just had to search for “ballbusting” when I read this. You’re not on the first page with the Ballbusting Bi Babes, unfortunately, but you’re still kind of up there.
    Hey, maybe some of whoever-is-into-that will get their feminist education via that page!

  • BornSlippy

    It’s also a fetish, so they’re probably searches intending to turn up porn.
    I imagine this site comes as quite a surprise.

  • Danyell


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