Thinking men like tits, brains and for women to stay in their place.

I have written previously about top ten lists that measure beauty and brains and concluded that generally they are gender biased. Women’s lists are always about how they look and men’s lists (or pageants) are about what they do first and then how they look. When I wished upon the world to create a list that was about women taking into consideration their brains, occupations and looks this is about as far from what I could have conceived of. Self proclaimed hiphop writer hater Touré has created what he believes is the thinking man’s list of sex symbols.
He starts,

A man has two minds. The lower mind is a brainless whore excited by any woman with breasts, curves, and a thong. The upper mind, which works with actual grey matter, is more persnickety. The upper mind, when employed, is moved by intelligence, success, power, self-confidence, a smart sense of humor, and, of course, not having a castrating nature.

What counts as having a castrating nature? If you get too ‘ballsy’ do you actually want to be a man so bad that you will (figuratively) castrate him and claim your own masculinity? I am going to assume he means feminists are castrating. I think this above description is more disparaging to men than anything else. Thank you for feeding into every myth about male sexuality and their inability to make a connection between what happens between their legs and between their ears.
But the real gems are in the descriptions of the pictures of the women he chose and why he chose the “smart babes” that he did. None will really surprise you, but note that they are all women that don’t really disrupt normative ideas of beauty or act outside of patriarchy and for Touré, their intelligence exists to feed his own male ego since he has to describe repeatedly why their smarts don’t threaten his own. I think some of these women would resent being on this list.

Every line is like a work of art.

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