(Beware Fox News) Lesbian/Bisexual Teens More Likely to get Pregnant

Really Fox?  Really.  They have once again taken something completely out of context and used it to make stereotypical, slanderous, and sexist comments galore.  I haven’t been offended on this many levels since Bill O’Reilly and the lesbian Pink Pistols gang.  The research behind this idotic tirade can be found here.

The point this study was making is that abuse and discrimination of LBGT youth is the cause of higher rates of pregnancy.  While the research methods may be dubious (surveying unwilling and unidentified teenagers at school), the point is that sexual abuse and general lack of support for LGBT students may be the cause for these findings.

Fox took this concept and made a mockery of it.  "There are no such thing as bisexual women, they’re just horny." COME ON.  I’m aware that this coverage was meant to make fun of a questionable research project, but it does so in a way that is demeaning to women, the LBGT population specifically.

You can respond to these ridiculous "news" segments here: "Does Greg make your blood boil? Don’t just sit there. Get off your ass and e-mail: redeye@foxnews.com"    

The next story will probably be about angry feminists who can’t take a joke.

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