(Beware Fox News) Lesbian/Bisexual Teens More Likely to get Pregnant

Really Fox?  Really.  They have once again taken something completely out of context and used it to make stereotypical, slanderous, and sexist comments galore.  I haven’t been offended on this many levels since Bill O’Reilly and the lesbian Pink Pistols gang.  The research behind this idotic tirade can be found here.

The point this study was making is that abuse and discrimination of LBGT youth is the cause of higher rates of pregnancy.  While the research methods may be dubious (surveying unwilling and unidentified teenagers at school), the point is that sexual abuse and general lack of support for LGBT students may be the cause for these findings.

Fox took this concept and made a mockery of it.  "There are no such thing as bisexual women, they’re just horny." COME ON.  I’m aware that this coverage was meant to make fun of a questionable research project, but it does so in a way that is demeaning to women, the LBGT population specifically.

You can respond to these ridiculous "news" segments here: "Does Greg make your blood boil? Don’t just sit there. Get off your ass and e-mail: redeye@foxnews.com"    

The next story will probably be about angry feminists who can’t take a joke.

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  • lyndorr

    Wow. Even if research methods are questionable, I doubt the people on this show know why. It sounds like he’s says lesbians are more likely to lie! Researchers should have questions on the survey that are asking the same thing as another question to make sure they know if they questions were actually read and taken seriously.
    And Canada is somewhere in Spain? What kind of show is this?
    And it’s one thing to question research but when it seems like it’s completely ridiculed without even trying to listen to the reasoning of the researchers, ugh. If it were replicated in other studies, I’d believe it.

  • lenady_s

    Oh, it’s Red Eye. That’s their late night “news show”. I’ve came across it a few times and I can honestly say that I have never seen anything on the program that wasn’t idiocy. It’s pretty much the fox news channel giving up all appearances of being “news” and simply spouting out what is essentially hate speech. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong on this, since I’ve never managed to stomache more than about 2 minutes of the thing at a time.
    It’s disgusting that they’d sit down and mock this serious problem, but it’s sadly not out of the ordinary for that program. Fair and balanced my foot.

  • Cruella

    You know when you find yourself agreeing with Joe Francis that some seriously bad reporting is going on. That is vile.

  • Lilly

    He didn’t say that lesbians are more likely to lie, he said that someone who was going to lie on the survey was more likely to mark themselves as a lesbian.
    This show is a constant joke. It’s the nature of humor to cross lines.

  • mindprovender

    The nature of humour may be to cross lines, but the person who is making the joke has to know where the line is to be able to cross it. The unfortunate truth is that these people do not understand that by saying that there are no bisexual women, just horny women, they are perpetuating that gay vs straight dichotomy.
    Ironic, since this survey (however badly researched) at least raises the issue that there are more than two sexualities, and that those sexualities are complex and nuanced.

  • maleficent

    I am assuming that since the show is called “Red-Eye” that it is geared towards potheads who sit up all night watching TV.

  • Bekka

    Oh gosh…turns out I’m just horny…thank you fox news!
    I love how they’re making a joke and laughing about teen pregnancy.