Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: Feminist Bloggers

This was the healthiest way for me to deal with the frustration I feel sometimes from being a self-proclaimed feminist blogger. It is quick and to the point and happy hour style late.

Enjoy your weekend folks.

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  • katie

    Fuck yeah to Jessica! It was her interview on The Colbert Report, where I learned about her book “Full Frontal Feminism” and Without either I would not be the self proclaimed feminist that I am today. Thank you Jess, and thank you to Samhita, Ann, Courtney, Vanessa, Miriam, Celina and Shark-Fu for working so hard to make Feministing so awesome!!

  • Cecelia

    Fuck yeah to all the feminist bloggers!
    Because of her recent postings on “Ms. Pacman” and “Talking About Race, pt. 2″ my favorite blogger of the week is Dolly Speaks –
    My favorite feminist bloggers that I would love to give a shout out to are the following…
    Renee –
    BrownFemiPower –
    Glennisha Morgan –
    Ouyang Dan –

  • Legba Carrefour

    Fuck yeah to Samhita! Doing anything in the wonderful world of social justice is all too often a one-way ticket to mad stress without access to any kind of emotional support. It takes serious courage and honesty to step up and talk about it AND to ask for people to spread around the kudos at the same time.
    Also, she’s the feminist blogger most liked by marine mammals, in a recent survey by the American Dentistry Association of astronauts.

  • OuyangDan

    You flatter me!

  • OuyangDan

    and, rock the fuck on, Samhita!

  • Cecelia

    I love your blog lady! ;-)

  • maggie

    Latoya Peterson @ Racialicious…amazing writer, not to mention the issues she tackles. I don’t know how she churns out such thoughtful, honest posts at the rate she does while holding down a day job. I’d give anything to be able to communicate my point like that lady.

  • OuyangDan

    And I yours!

  • Robbert

    Big fuck Yeah to the three ladies at I’m not going to choose between three them.
    A big fuck yeah back to you Samhita, and Jessica too.

  • OuyangDan

    That was my slippery slope too!
    I can’t say thanks enough.

  • OuyangDan

    second on the Shapely Prose love.
    And a HUGE shout out to Melissa McEwan et al at Shakesville!

  • Samhita

    All of these are amazing women and amazing bloggers so big ups to all! And thanks for the love, so needing it today.

  • galavanting

    Fuck yeah to all the Feministing ladies, Kate Harding & crew and to (vlogger) Sarah Haskins! There are many other great ones above too…

  • Kim H

    Totally agree. I don’t know if she counts as a blogger but I love Sarah Haskins!! I pretty much live for her “Target Women” video segments.

  • mayfly

    Fuck yeah! Great choices, I second that. I also love Cara at the Curvature (extra love to her right now, since she’s going through a tough time) and of course the Feministing ladies, especially Samhita and Jessica (Full Frontal Feminism was the book that got me hooked!).

  • Dolly

    Well, I’m going to share the love and tell you all to go visit Cecilia’s Ojibway Migisi Bineshii as she is one of my favorite bloggers.
    Other shout outs? to my girls dollface and harlequin to Crowfoot and eloriane
    And, of course, I also love – Melissa McEwan – Kate Harding – both Latoya and Carmen – Renee
    …which have all already been mentioned, but they totally deserve all the luvs they can get.

  • Mina

    I second the nomination! :)

  • MsM

    Seconded many of the above. And the ones I didn’t know but will check out now!
    I want to give a shoutout to Echidne at Echidne of the Snakes, because I learned so much from her, and still do. Her recent series on feminism is awesome.
    Also Rebecca Traister at Salon. Apart from being fantastic, she often makes me laugh.

  • atwining

    It’s not Saturday anymore, but Fuck Yeah to Courtney :)

  • Smart_Giraffe

    I like to read the British feminist blog, The F Word.

  • sadie101

    well nicely done, even if I’m more a Heck Yeah or atta girl, California gal:-)
    you are a go to site, no doubt, Feministing!
    And i think it is great to open this to letting folks know of other great sites.
    Of course, Womens Enews is great but not really a blog, but good qd reads!
    For feminist blogs I found a round of several at the Coffe Shop blogspot:
    My favs there:
    Heidi’s lawish-leaning feminist blog
    And the new hard-hitter by MSM journalists and editors furious at sexism in the press:
    And one should not miss this:
    “a new non-partisan group for women’s rights.”

  • Cecelia

    Dolly – Thanks!

  • Hershele Ostropoler

    here, of course
    Happy Feminist (being a law-school dropout myself)

  • Courtney

    Ah, thanks so much.

  • Hilary

    All of the above, and I’d like to add Rachel Walden of Women’s Health News and Our Bodies, Our Blog.

  • Holly Ord

    This is a great video, thanks for this. It’s always great to get a shout out for the work that we all do and all love and Samhita, you have hit the nail on the head here!
    I love Not only do I always love reading her perspective on whatever the topic she’s talking about that day, but she is also an amazing person. I’ve spoken to her through Twitter and also through blog comments and she’s just always great to talk to.
    I also read like a crack head.
    And because I am also a feminist blogger, I hope no one minds a little shameless self-promotion…I run

  • Alma

    katie, where can i find a clip of jessica on The Colbert Report? I would love to see that!

  • Alma

    katie, where can i find a clip of jessica on The Colbert Report? I would love to see that!

  • OuyangDan
  • LalaReina

    There probably is no one I enjoy more than Melissa Lacewell-Harris. Love the earrings Samhita. We may make you honorary boriua :)

  • GamesOnline

    second on the Shapely Prose