Music I love: Little Dragon

So this is pretty much unrelated to feminism, but I just want to start Tuesday off on the right foot with this gem from a band I got to see on Friday in their first ever US show. They are called Little Dragon and they are from Sweden and have a nice electronic neo-soul sound with lovely strong female vocals. I love new music that has yet to be tarnished by the mainstream and I was so pumped about this band, I had to share. Check em out and tell me what you think.

Happy Tuesday! What did you do over the weekend? Anything interesting?

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  • dashaway

    i really like it…also am really digging the video…thanks for sharing!

  • lindsaylu94

    the video looks a lot like kara walker’s. i really enjoyed this song. thanks!

  • Stephie

    For those who like this song by Little Dragon, I suggest looking for a track called “Sleep Tight Tiger” by Husky Rescue…
    actually just found it…

  • sari

    I won tickets to see them in Santa Barbara a few weeks ago and it was luscious!! The other two bands that opened for them both had fantastic women in them. It was an amazing night of music, Little Dragon is awesome!

  • Jenny Bomb

    What a beautiful video.
    Thanks for sharing, I’ll be sure to check more Little Dragon out!

  • little

    rad, Samhita. thanks for posting this!

  • Sonya Klarson

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