Woman wins “A Date with Travis,” then raped by Travis

This is pretty appalling. An Illinois woman is suing Waukegan radio station WXLC for being sexually assaulted on a “date” she won from one of their contests.
The station promoted Travis Harvey as a “great” and “kind” guy in their challenge, “Win a Date with Travis,” which she ended up getting after being asked a series of questions by Harvey along with other contestants. So after being tested and judged as to whether she was an adequate “date” for the bachelor, Harvey invited her to his house on the night of their oh-so-special date where he drugged and raped her.
And this all happened despite the fact that Harvey had a record, which the station failed to find out:

Baizer [the rape survivor's attorney] said Harvey had previously been convicted twice of violating a domestic violence order of protection taken out by another woman. The radio station was negligent for not checking Harvey’s record, and for promoting him as a safe–and desirable–date, the suit alleges.

To top it off, Harvey himself was only charged with criminal sexual abuse and is just serving probation for a measly year. (Since there was no physical evidence.) *Fuming*
h/t to Veronica.

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