Food stamp money finally comes through

A class-action suit against New York City for refusing to provide food stamps to nearly 9,500 households was settled back in 2006, but the reimbursements are just going out now:

The payback does not quite amount to winning the lottery — the 18 largest reimbursements just top $5,000, and most average far less. And all of the credits can be used only for food.
Still, to many who had given up on or forgotten what they were owed, the money in their accounts, some of which arrived before any notice from the government to explain it, has been a rare moment of bounty at an otherwise dismal economic moment.
Monica Ryan learned of her good fortune when she went to her corner bodega in northern Manhattan to buy bread and milk. She was picking up just the necessities because she was conscious of having less than $5 in her account. But when the clerk swiped her card, it appeared that she had hundreds left.

Yeah, it’s awful that it took this long for the money to come through. But at least it’s some good news for a Thanksgiving when too many people are struggling.
Thanks to Susan for the link.

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