This is a direct address to all people who use the term “feminazi” or “feminist nazi” to describe someone you don’t agree with. Because, you see, I get sick enough of all the eye-rolling at pro-woman sentiment, but this phrase makes me want to beat the shit out of the person who uses it.

By using that phrase, not only do you show your own pathetic cowardice, you also try to belittle the work, the blood sweat and tears of every woman who fought tooth and nail to acquire respect for herself as a human being. You belittle the work of the foremothers who worked so you, and/or your daughters, sisters, and mothers could vote, hold a job, be respected, acquire higher education, run for elected office and have reproductive rights.

You also take a huge shit on the pain and suffering of six million people who were killed, tortured and starved for being different. You think the Holocaust is funny? You think calling someone a “Nazi” makes you sound intelligent? Or was it tolerant?

You think it makes sense to call someone a “Nazi” because they believe in equal rights? Because they argue with you? Because they see something sexist that you, in your possible blindness, could not?

So you use the term “Nazi.” Because someone who thinks that a boyfriend locking their girlfriend in his house to control her, who thinks that rape should be punished, who thinks women should have access to reproductive health is in the same league as those who believe in ethnic “purity” and ethnic “cleansing” at any cost. You think a feminist is in the same league as the group of people who slaughtered six million people.

I understand, it’s because they disagree with you. And a Nazi is someone who takes a stand on an issue you’re uncomfortable with. That’s the proper way that word should be applied.

Anne Frank did not die so you could smear a movement that worked for social equality, she did not die for your effort to belittle a person who opposes you.

This is what Feminism looks like:

And this is what Naziism looks like:

You can’t tell the difference?

Disclaimer: This post was written by a Feministing Community user and does not necessarily reflect the views of any Feministing columnist, editor, or executive director.

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