Monday Monty Blogging (smackdown edition)

So Monty loves his new cousin Tweet – I mean LOVES her. He goes absolutely nuts every time I bring her over to Jessica’s, hence this adorable video of them playing. My favorite part is 0:50 in where Tweet starts batting at him at super speed; kitty don’t fuck around.

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  • tsokol

    Monty confronts Kitty-Fu, fastest paws in the west.
    Monty overcomes due to greater ability to bring forth his essence (salivate)

  • Robbert

    I kinda feel bad for Tweet. Consider that she licks herself clean. Even if Monty is just friendly and playful, would you want to lick his drool of you? I think she’s just going: “Hold on boy, Down, calm. Aargh, not the tongue!”.

  • Clare

    Hee hee! She reminds me of my mom’s kitten! Same color, same FIERCE ATTACKING.

  • colleen

    Tweet is way nicer to Monty than my cat to the dog that is temporarily living with her! My cat, Berkeley, just hisses and the dog (a mix of German Shepard, among other things) hightails it out of there!

  • maggie

    does this conjure up childhood memories of Chance and Sassy from Homeward Bound for anyone else?

  • MaggieF

    When my cat was a baby he would play with the dog a lot, and most of the time would end up chewing on the dog’s lip while the dog chewed on his head. It was kind of spectacular.

  • Doug S.

    I wish the video wasn’t so blocky…