Women at war in Iraq.

There are many misperceptions about the role of women in the Iraq war. We have written about the role and rate of sexual violence in the military and this is an interesting radio interview with a several women that have served in the Iraq war. It goes into the role of women in the military and in combat, specifically debunking the assumption that women don’t engage in combat or security. It also includes a call from a listener who asks if we as Americans want “our” women having the potential threat of being POWs and what that means to which Kristen Holmstedt replies that she doesn’t feel women’s bodies are any more valuable as POW’s as men’s. I think this is really really interesting.
While we talk about women and war, one listener asks, “why are we glorifying war?” So while we can on one-hand fight for the rights of women in war, it is always important to step back and think about what we are actually supporting. I know most of us anti-war folks do, but it is a slippery slope from full inclusion and equitable treatment for all constituents in the military to working for an end to the war in Iraq.
Finally I was waiting patiently for them to bring up sexual trauma in the military and towards the end they get into it and one woman speaks frankly about her experience with sexual harassment in the military and how the military dealt with it. Really upsetting.
Check it out here and let me know what you think.

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