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We rejected smears and race-baiting and Muslim-baiting and desperation. We rejected so much history and so many rules that have bound us to the way things have been and are supposed to be. We rejected fear. Most importantly, we rejected fear.
Despite the beliefs of certain cable-news talking heads, white privilege is, uh, still around.
Latoya rounds up some good links on the Prop 8 fallout.
New Hampshire just became the first state to have a majority of women in the legislature!
Veronica Arreola on Larry Summers topping the short-list for Treasury secretary under Obama. (Jill has more.)
Eliot Spitzer escapes prosecution for his involvement in a prostitution ring. (More thoughts from Bianca on the community blog, and from Figleaf.)
Echidne makes the case for why First Lady should be a paid job. Gina at Michelle Obama Watch has some related thoughts, and Dana also adds her two cents.
A voting-rights movement for the mentally ill is gaining ground.
One man’s experience with taking his wife’s last name. (via Renee)
Well-known anti-immigrant Sheriff (and all-around asshole) Joe Arpaio caused an incarcerated woman to lose her baby.

Montana elected the first Native woman to statewide office.
This dude would rather lose his job than go through training on sexual harassment. Wow.
Members of the Dutch Parliament want to force women it deems “unfit mothers” to take contraception. (More at the Bitch Blog.)
Katha Pollitt says buh-bye to Sarah Palin.
New research on how viewing material that objectifies women is also harmful to men.
Undoing the Global Gag Rule is reportedly at the top of Obama’s to-do list! Yay!
Our country deports legal immigrants because they’re sick and uninsured. Just think about that for a second.
PETA’s got company: Habladora blogs about a new campaign using women’s bodies to “educate” the public about a serious issue. She writes, “Wait – can you really sell people on compassion with sexy ladies? The Human Rights Action Center says, ‘Yes! With the help of Tila Tequila, we’ll save the good people of Myanmar!'”
A court rejected “Choose Life” license plates in Illinois.
Is it really true that women don’t write as many “big idea” books?
Actions and Events
Minneapolis is about to lose a gathering place that’s always been super welcoming to queer folks (and non-queer people alike). Take action!
Chicago: “On Jan. 21, 2009, Chicago Foundation for Women and the “Our Voices, Our Choices” coalition are hosting an event to hear the personal stories of women who encountered barriers trying to access abortion information and services–told by the women themselves and by those who have shared the stories.” Deadline for submissions is November 14.
UPDATE: November 15: Join the Impact and protest the passage of Prop 8 in front of city halls and state capitols across the country.

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