Happy 30th Birthday, Jessica!

Today, our Jessica turns 30. We’ll have a little something special for her (and you all) tomorrow, but for now – Happy Happy Birthday, Jessica!
What can we say about this incredibly inspiring, intelligent, and hilarious feminist that hasn’t already been said? One thing is for sure, finishing three books before you reach the age of thirty is a damn big accomplishment. And we are all so, so proud of her.
Send her birthday wishes in comments. Happy birthday, sis. Love you!

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  • MisukoB

    Happy birthday Jessica! Hope you gonna get a super birthday, but then again, of course you will! :)
    So happy birthday!

  • Lissette

    Happy Birthday Jessica!!! Hope you have a great one!

  • SodiumSkies

    Happy birthday, Jessica. Thank you for everything you do. Preach on!

  • Therese

    Welcome to your 30s, Jess! I turned 31 on Oct. 29th; trust me you’ll love your 30s!!!
    Happy Birthday! Rock on, sister!

  • Jenn Astle

    Happy Birthday Jessica! Keep fighting the good fight!

  • EvilSlutClique

    Happy Birthday!

  • daphna

    Happy Birthday. Mazal Tov!

  • JKayOh

    Happy Birthday Jessica! Thank you for the continued inspiration! Please keep up the great work—we’re with you!

  • Lime

    Even though she’s younger than me (though not by much), when I grow up, I want to be like Jessica!
    Happy birthday!

  • aideenjohnston

    Happy b-day! I too wanna be just like you…

  • Chickensh*tEagle

    Hey Jessica, happy birthday! :-)

  • Bethany

    Happy birthday Jessica! Thanks for working hard to make the world a better place.

  • Sara

    Happy birthday, Jessica!! Thank you for all the work that you have done to inspire and empower young feminists. I hope you have a lot of fun tonight!!

  • Robbert


  • Halo

    Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for all that you do! :)

  • innerninja

    happy bday!
    If you are a phillies fan, I’ll gladly send you a t-shirt for a free gift!

  • that girl

    Happy Birthday! Wishing you another year of fabulous, funky feminist fun!

  • Lydia Encyclopedia

    Rock on Jessica, happy birthday!

  • thebeatles11

    Have a rad birthday, Jessica!!

  • nfluxus

    Happy birthday, Jessica. When I was 30 George Bush was in office. La plus ça change, la plus c’est la même chose.

  • esmemolly

    Happy b-day, I hope it’s the best!

  • a.k.a UltraMagnus

    Happy Birthday!

  • Bruce Godfrey

    Congratulations – all the best!

  • Ariel

    Happy Birthday!

  • MysteryBouffe

    Happy bee day. I just finished reading “Full Frontal Feminism”, and quite loved it – thank you so much for all the work you do, and I hope your 30th birthday is full of delightful joie de vivre.

  • JosephLillo

    Happy birthday, and thank you for this awesome site. Hope your birthday’s a great one. \m/

  • Megs

    Happy Birthday Jessica!!!

  • Thomas

    Happy birthday.
    At thirty, some people have made choices they deeply want to unmake, and some people are still waiting for their lives to start, and some people have blinders on and drift from day to day while years go by.
    And at thirty, some people have charted a course to do something very difficult, something that makes the world a better place, and have accomplished a tremendous amount, and have touched people’s lives and built communities and … actually, that’s very, very few people. So you should be proud of yourself.

  • lucfeminist

    You are an inspiration to young, independent feminists everywhere. Your books are a huge part of what made me the dedicated feminist I am today, and I know I can say the same of my little sister who picked up “He’s a Stud, She’s a Slut” out of boredom, read a paragraph, looked up at me and said “Whoa, this is SO TRUE! Can I borrow this?” She’s been a devoted feminist ever since. So happy 30th, and thank you so much for your amazing contribution to the online feminist community!

  • danielle

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for being such an amazing inspiration :D

  • M0xieHart

    Happy birthday!

  • Token

    Happy Birthday, Jessica! I love your books and I love feministing. Thanks for all you do!

  • Wendell

    :D Happy Bidet! And many more of those and of books, if you are so moved.

  • Lucy

    happpppppppppppy birthday!
    hope you have loads of fun!

  • Jessica Glennon

    Jessica, your work is an invaluable resource and inspiration, especially to this frustrated-bleeding-heart-liberal-idealist high schooler. You really are this generation’s Gloria Steinem.
    Thank you for all you do to further the cause for women’s equality and, in that, women’s empowerment.
    From one Jessica to another… happy birthday!

  • Manya

    Happy birthday, Jessica! Thank you for all that you do to help keep feminism alive and kicking. :)

  • Wendy Notsid


  • blondegirl

    Happy birthday!!!! You are fabulous, darling- and never forget it! xoxo

  • libdevil

    One thing is for sure, finishing three books before you reach the age of thirty is a damn big accomplishment.

    That’s odd, I really would have thought she’d read more than that…
    Happy birthday!

  • Renee

    Glad to see you with a smile 30 can be tough. Happy B-day. Remember you can always turn 30 again next year, I’ve been doing it for awhile now.

  • Smartpatrol

    Happy Birthday, Ms. Valenti. Congratulations on your big Three-Oh!

  • Choice Avenger

    I dearly hope to be as cool as you by the time i am 30! i own both your books and you inspire me! (by the way I’m 14)

  • burningofroissy.livejournal.com

    Happy Birthday Jessica! You kick ass!

  • Ziggy

    congrats, too, from Amsterdam, the Netherlands… Couldn’t make it to your party, alas.. :)

  • SociologicalMe

    Happy Birthday Jessica! I just turned thirty a few months ago, so I’ll quote my Logan’s Run party theme: Carousel is a lie! We don’t have to die at thirty! We can live! LIVE!

  • myheartisagapinghole

    Thanks for being, Jessica. Hope it was a good one.

  • spanky

    Happy Birthday Jessica From ENGLAND! On behalf of your sisters in Britain we love you and appreciate your work xxxx