Reasons to Love Halloween

Cindy Rodriguez from the Allentown Women’s Center sent us a picture of this awesome Feministing pumpkin she carved out for the clinic. Thanks for the awesome Feministing-o-lantern, Cindy! You can also check out some of her book reviews on Lesbiatopia.
What are you doing/wearing for Halloween tonight?

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  • aleks

    Get it like you like it. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  • lucfeminist

    I went as a ’50s housewife (for ironic effect, of course!).

  • lucfeminist

    I went as a ’50s housewife (for ironic effect, of course!).

  • ShifterCat

    I worked the closing shift on Halloween, so no parties for me. Not even answering the door for the kiddies. :( But I did get to wear my mermaid outfit, with a peach-coloured top underneath the seashell bra so that I wouldn’t freeze.
    Mr. Shiftercat has a matching merman costume, but since we weren’t going anywhere, he didn’t bother with it this time.
    My co-worker, who is a witch by religious affiliation, wore a gorgeous black crushed-velour dress and cloak with her silver pentacle necklace, and added a dollar-store witch hat.

  • Chelsa

    I went as Lara Croft. The combat boots I bought are totally going into my regular rotation!

  • M0xieHart

    Awesome! I love Tomb Raider. If I were more comfortable with my body I’d totally go as her.