What scares the shit out of me

And irritates me to no end: When you do a Google search of “Obama,” the top related search is “obama citizenship.” Wait, it gets worse:

Please tell me everything is going to be okay. Please?

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  • silly_feminist

    I had a similar freak out a few days ago, and this didn’t make me feel any better!
    I guess the good thing is, given the current polls, there are clearly more people who are smarter than all of this crap than aren’t.

  • SociologicalMe

    Everything is going to be ok. But note that as I’m saying it I’m rocking gently back and forth in a corner trying to convince myself I’m telling the truth…

  • Lydia Encyclopedia

    Not to mention, his first and last name pulls “Barack Obama birth certificate”. A similar search for “McCain” reveals just “McCain Palin” and a search for Sarah Palin reveals “Palin SNL”
    I’m in the fetal position now…

  • http://championofthesemicolon.blogspot.com erica

    At least folks are trying to confirm what they’ve heard. If someone who has heard that Obama isn’t American (or is a Muslim or some other rumor) finds out that he IS, in fact, a Christian from the States, so much the better. Hopefully that’s where the google trail leads…

  • sweetjane

    It just goes to show how many misguided people there are out there that buy into that nonsense. I would love to know where there is actual evidence that he was ever, ever a Muslim and is not a US citizen. I’d like to know what is so wrong with being a Muslim as well.

  • sangetencre

    Hopefully that’s where the google trail leads…
    When you google “Obama muslim” or “Obama citizenship” one of the first pages that come up is Snopes.com and a site of urban legends.
    So, that’s encouraging… At least.

  • metabonbon

    To be fair, I’ve done several of those searches myself, just to see what the liars are saying. For the laugh/horror value. Or to arm myself with rebuttals when people bring up one of those topics.
    What’s important? The pages that come up first when you do those searches. Most Google users don’t go past the first 3-5 results for any given search.
    Obama Muslim: First result is Urban Legends (about.com) busting the myth, then Snopes. Followed by an article that says he “may” have practiced Islam. Overall pretty good.
    Obama Birth Certificate: First three results were reputable sources (including Snopes) debunking the myth of a missing or fake certificate.
    Obama Citizenship: Sopes is the top result. Other results in this search were not so good, including “obamacrimes.com”

  • Maria

    It’s going to be ok, ladies. People will google these things, and one of the first sites they’ll hit will be Snopes. They’ll learn the truth there, unless of course they assume it’s “liberal propaganda”.

  • http://columnfive.wordpress.com/ Ashley B.

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I’m bracing for disappointment… I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than super pissed off. The last 8 years have left me just so… skeptical that we can overcome our own fears/insecurity/reactionism.
    Those searches to me indicate more that people STILL think Obama is Muslim… even if they are going to snopes. Whose to say people will change their mind? We tend to look for sites that agree with our preconceived notions.

  • http://kathy-p.blogspot.com/ kathyp

    I just blogged about this today, except mine was more ridiculous than frightening. I started to type “Joe” (as in Biden) into Google and it started to autofill “Joe the Plumber.” Gah! Joe Biden was second on the drop-down followed by… Joe Jonas.

  • jamesneysmith

    I don’t think there is much to worry about. Most rational people already know Obama is not a Muslim and in the unlikely case they don’t, they will easily find the correct answer from a reputable source. Now as for the irrational, they are going to look for a website which corroborates their fears and biases even if they need to scan to page 5. Just like meeting a racist, odds are they are irrational so trying to dispel their views as blatant bigotry is going to fall on deaf ears most of the time.

  • http://www.watchusexplode.com WATCH US EXPLODE

    If I remember correctly, at one point earlier in the campaign, when you searched for “Obama” you got links to McCain’s website. Apparently, the McCain campaign used Google’s AdWords program, and probably paid a tidy sum.

  • imnotemily

    It’s times like this that I wish I had my very own Monty to cuddle with, Jessica.

  • Eidola

    One of the two major parties is going to the White House – it’s not going to be okay. But, nevertheless, it looks like the better one is going to get it, barring some gigantic, but not unexpected, voter manipulation.

  • Tiffany

    I don’t think it is going to be okay. The attacks on Barack Obama and his supporters are getting vicious. The people opposed to Obama are *violently* opposed. I don’t know what they are going to do. I’ve avoided being a freaked out panicker, but it’s getting harder and harder to keep calm. I’m hoping to be looking back on all of this a week from now and laughing at my hyperventilation.

  • 76cents

    I feel like I’ve officially lost the plot. I am worrying all day and wake up at night that somehow McCain might win. My former Republican, now Independent and voting for Obama husband tells me not to overestimate the intelligence of the electorate and that Mccain will be close, very close.
    Then I see the long, long lines of early voters braving heat and possible work repurcussions lining out to vote and I think, surely he has a great chance. They have to be Obama voters right? Dear God, dont let them be anti Obama.
    My little four year old preK son took off his jacket today and had a sticker saying “I voted today”. I, with great surprise, said “You Voted today, I didn’t know” . With great pride he said “Mommy, I voted for Varack Obama I knew by the O it was Obama” Vote V for Varack everyone.
    I have anxiety, and I have Chardonnay. Thank goodness for Clos De Bois. I will be hammered on Tuesday night.
    Keep volunteering, keep calling. keep wearing your tshirt. You are credible to your neighbor, to your friend, to your work colleague. Take nothing for granted and do everything you can.
    This IS our moment:) !

  • http://www.reclamationfeminist.com Brandi

    I’m still operating under the idea that McCain will win, mainly because I don’t want to be devastated. I’m afraid CNN and other sources are pushing the tide back. They have this habit of putting question marks after everything, which makes most people think it’s true. They’ve had a lot along the lines of “Obama: Losing Ground?” and “Gap Closing?”
    What’s more sad to me is that if you look at keyword tools, the most common pairings with Palin are SNL, bikini, and naked.

  • http://www.fivethirtyeight.com/ JosephLillo

    Please tell me everything is going to be okay. Please?
    Click the link. It’s going to be OK, and if it isn’t, hell will be raised tout de fucking suite. I hope.

  • JosephLillo

    Oh dang it. It didn’t take. It was a link to http://www.fivethirtyeight.com, which has become an essential soul salve for me over this past week, and will continue to be for the next… 144 hours or so.

  • http://www.reclamationfeminist.com Brandi

    Not that this makes it better, but they just reported here that there was an Obama effigy hanging from a tree at the Uni of Kentucky today. That terrifies me. I’m very afraid that with 2 plots already uncovered to assassinate him that he won’t survive a presidency.

  • Amber

    Keep it together friends!
    Don’t start losing your nerve on the final stretch! Don’t even let yourselves think we can lose, because we cannot. We cannot withstand another Bush presidency. It will not happen. If you are worried about what is going to happen on 11/4, go knock on some doors, talk to friends who are undecided or leaning towards McCain.
    It’s not over! We are going to win this thing!!!

  • that girl

    I know I’m preaching to the choir, but it really depresses me that people have to reassure themselves that Obama is not a Muslim. I mean, racial “diversity” (1 half-African: 42 white guys = diversity) is one thing, but religious diversity? Perish the thought! Alas.

  • Lucia

    I get
    ???????: barack obama obama girl obama speech obama city Michelle Obama
    I actually live in Japan by a city named Obama that sells his merchandise…
    Check this out… It helps with the anxiety lol

  • http://mithras.blogs.com Mithras

    Everything will be fine if people volunteer this weekend and on election day.
    All you New Yorkers: Jump on the chinatown bus down to Philly for a day this weekend, help us canvass and Obama will win PA and the election on Tuesday.

  • Rachel

    Dude, the first thing that comes up for me is “obama antichrist.” WTF?

  • mayfly

    This is really depressing.
    I found out yesterday that a really smart, well-educated woman I know is planning on voting for McCain because there is “no proof that Obama isn’t a Muslim terrorist” and his “extreme radical socialist policies” are incompatible with her ideas of freedom.
    I almost cried.

  • Kerry

    Mithras is right – I typed “Obama” into the search engine as an experiment and “Obama Antichrist” came up. Along with “Obama Birth Certificate.” Some people are really getting desperate.

  • dotdot


  • Jessica

    Thanks, all. I’m trying to stay positive – but like Brandi and terrified of being crushingly disappointed. Blech. Must go hug dog and put on a happy face.

  • MaggieElisabeth

    I agree with Erica, I think it’s not too bad – I’m happier if people are actually researching the bullshit that they hear on TV than just blindly accepting it. I just hope the sites they end up on give them accurate information!
    (And I echo everyone’s sadness at this whole Must-Deny-Being-A-Muslim frenzy. I honestly can’t imagine what it must be like to an Arab-American or a Muslim during this campaign.)

  • alixana

    “Mommy, I voted for Varack Obama I knew by the O it was Obama”
    Awww, thanks for that story. My cousin’s 5-year-old son is bi-racial and a huge Obama fan, and when you ask him why, he says, “He looks like my dad”
    And apparently there are people who really believe Obama is the antichrist. Boggles the mind.
    My dad is a Republican who voted in the early voting last week for a Democrat president for the first time in his life, in Ohio no less. McCain and Palin – scaring the battleground states blue, one disillusioned Republican at a time!

  • CleanNeedlesSaveLives

    It’s going to be okay … When you type “Obama” into google, yes, it displays things like “muslim” and “antichrist,” but if you look at the actual number of results, it ranks like this:
    1. “obama vs mccain” – 105,000,000 results
    2. “obama mccain” – 92,700,000 results
    3. “obama girl” – 29,300,000
    4. “obama mccain debate” – 29,000,000
    5. “obama biden” – 20,700,000
    So, while Google lists them disproportionately, the actual number of hits are more favorable for “normal” searches.
    “obama” alone gets 190,000,000, while “mccain” alone gets only 128,000,000. Plus, “mccain that one” get 57,700,000! :)

  • FrumiousB

    I found out yesterday that a really smart, well-educated woman I know is planning on voting for McCain because there is “no proof that Obama isn’t a Muslim terrorist”
    I cannot see how anyone could, in good conscience, vote for McCain given the lack of definitive proof that he is not a terrorist.

  • Cunnus777

    One of mine is ‘obama acorn’, so I guess squirrels want to know his policies on nuts, man. But obama antichrist!? WTF!?

  • Cunnus777

    check this site out, its disgusting

  • Cunnus777

    Actually is that site i posted a joke?

  • wax_ghost

    If it makes anyone feel any better, my husband came home from the barbershop with a fantastic story today. Keep in mind that this is a barbershop where they still smoke while they cut hair and still have Playboys for reading material; the barber is constantly asking me when we’re going to have children (even though I flatly say, “Never” every time) and they are unabashedly racist and sexist. Apparently, there were a couple of other guys there too and the two barbers plus another client started ragging on one guy because he said he was voting for McCain. “Mind you, they were using the ‘n-word’ the whole time, but they were telling him what an idiot he was if he wasn’t voting for Obama,” my husband said.
    It’s anecdotal, I know, but it made me feel a little bit better. These are the exact people that McCain and Palin have tried to reach with this crap, but they aren’t buying it.

  • Brad

    Just think, if he wins the election we can look forward to related searches of “Obama impeachment” in the future (coming from sour grapes websites).

  • 76cents

    alixana- you will be delighted to know that Obama won :)