Weekly Feminist Reader

Jezebel: Teen Moms Displeased At Double Standard Glorifying Bristol Palin & Jamie Lynn Spears
Genevieve at UneFemmePlusCourageuse catalogs the pro-rape “flair” on Facebook. (Via)
There have been a series of attacks on gay and trans students at Washington State University. (Via)
Sara calls out Palin for giving domestic terrorists a pass.
Fatemeh wrote An Open Letter to White Non-Muslim Western Feminists.
Chicago Defender: “Domestic Violence Hits Black Women Harder”
Mable F. Yee: How Can 30+ Million Women Be Invisible? (Also see Celina’s interview with Mable.)
Religion Dispatches: A Woman Leads Muslim Prayer in Britain For the First Time
A new anti-rape campaign in Scotland takes on the “she was asking for it because…” excuse.
Actions and Events
Oct. 29: Attention bloggers! Participate in Write to Marry day to oppose Prop 8.
Oct. 30: Be Bold, Wear Red to protest violence against women of color. (Cara has more.)
Oct. 31 – April 5: Brooklyn Museum exhibition: Burning Down the House: Building a Feminist Art Collection
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