Friday Feminist Fuck You: Anti-Choice Pharmacists

It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve put out a video, sorry about that! This week’s ‘fuck you’ was inspired by Ann’s post about the latest anti-choice pharmacy and Pharmacists for Life International (who incidentally has called us “radical feminazis” and “radical abortoholics” on their website). Enjoy!

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Approximate transcript after the jump…

Fuck You Anti-Choice Extremist Pharmacists!
Ann reported this week that a pharmacy in Virginia became the 7th pharmacy to be certified by the anti-choice organization Pharmacists for Life International.
This not only means that this pharmacy won’t dispense emergency contraception, but they won’t give out any form of contraception at ALL because they say its at odds with their religious beliefs.
Never mind if that a woman has a legal right to medication, never mind that this policy will punish rape victims and could cause more unintended pregnancies. Pharmacists like these don’t care, because to them, it’s more important that they impede access to what they see as sinful than it is to do their jobs and let women make their own health care decisions.
And while this latest pharmacy is just one of several to come out and say they won’t dispense contraception, pharmacists across the country are doing the same thing – they’re just more stealthy about it.
Take the pharmacist, for example, who in 2005 wrote a letter to the Arizona Republic reccommending that pharmacists who have a problem giving out emergency contraception should just lie to their female customers and say that they don’t have the medication or won’t get it for several days–which by then would be too late.
One woman who worked at a WalMart pharmacy even wrote into Feministing for advice because the head pharmacist there was denying women contraception and bullying customers despite a store policy that ensures women access to prescriptions.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, pharmacies like these are beyond “pro-life” – they’re pro-lying and anti-woman.
Women know what’s best for themselves and their families – and we have a legal right to birth control.
So, to anti-chocie extremist pharmacists, for lying to women and impeding our access to legal contraceptives – FUCK YOU.

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