South Park Rape of Harrison Ford

I must admit I do like South Park most of the time. Last night’s episode, however was really out of control, featuring several graphic rape scenes. This episode made my male roommates uncomfortable too. I was expecting someone to have posted on this already, but I’m really interested in reactions to this episode. I tried to find it online, but viacom is really strict with its videos on youtube.

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  • Misspelled

    Yeah, that was crazy. I just watched it tonight and it was immediately followed by an episode of the Sarah Silverman Program about Russian women being raped by Mongolian invaders. One-hour rape-a-thon on Comedy Central!
    I don’t think I would have found the South Park episode quite so creepy if they hadn’t made so much of the boys’ reactions to their “friend” being “raped” and their guilt over running out. It seemed like they wanted the funniest thing to be a bunch of little kids being irreparably traumatized by sexual violence. Comparing a shitty installment of the Indy franchise to rape of the character himself is pretty run-of-the-mill with the rape culture, but that’s wrong on a whole other level.

  • atwining

    I thought the episode was extremely uncomfortable. I’m really sick of cartoons trying to make rape funny – it’s totally aiding in desensitizing the audience (a majority of which is young men) to the disgusting act that is rape.
    Also, the graphic images were ESPECIALLY uncalled for.

  • a Piece of Work

    Three things. One, South Park eps are all online LEGALLY over at Two, as much as I find rape jokes distasteful, I’m not going to get up in arms about a South Park episode. Their whole goal is to make rude and uncomfortable and sometimes thought-provoking jokes. Three, South Park often rips off classic movie moments. Like one time Jimmy and Timmy (the two cripples) get into a street brawl. That fight is shot and choreographed just like the street brawl Roddy Piper has with his friend in “They Live,” a cult sci-fi from the 80s. In this Indiana-Jones-Rape episode, titled “The China Probrem” (is that a tip-off the show is gonna be tasteless?), I only recognized one cinematic homage scene, but wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more. When the police officer picture’s Indy’s rape, he’s told to squeal like a pig etc–that’s from “Deliverance,” a classic 70s drama/thriller featuring a homosexual rape.
    Which handily brings me to a conclusion. All depictions of rape (especially by a comedy) call into question every instance of rape depicted by TV and Film. It’s a big subject that I haven’t written a dissertation on yet, but suffice it to say, I am not angry and the South Park Creators for making this episode.

  • Flippy

    It feels like South Park started out with a mission to be stupidly funny, and funny it was. Yes, it was offensive, gross humor, but it was humor. I think they’ve gotten confused over the years and have decided their show was first and foremost shocking and offensive with funny coming second. Sure, they can still be funny, but I wind up not only feeling uncomfortable watching the later episodes, but like one of the prudish haters for not finding it funny.

  • radomeg

    yeah, this episode made me uncomfortable too. i recognized the “deliverance” reference, and when the DA was imagining what he saw it was a copy of the rape scene from “the accused” (? i think that’s the name) with jodi foster. it looked almost like it was shot for shot. i usually love south park, but i was definitely uncomfortable watching this one.

  • Lillybug

    I think of my self as an open person who likes South Park, but no more! This episode made me sick and I had to leave the room. It made my husband sick too and he deleted the episode and came to see my reaction. We now no longer watch South Park and will encourage others to do the same. Usually South Park is good at pointing out the ridiculousness of human behavior, but this was absolutely horrible. And it’s not just South Park. So many comedy’s and comedians are making fun of this horrible unspeakable act. Shows like Family Guy, Sarah Silverman Show, and The movie Borat.
    This goes to show that people are becoming desensitized to these deplorable acts. What’s next? People making fun of a graphic depiction of a woman getting raped? How could the FCC allow this to go on the air? And people were whining about Janet Jacksons’ wardrobe malfunction. Come On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terri Seney

    South Park has gone too far.
    Depicting rape scenes of any
    kind is offensive whether
    the victims are male or
    female. As a victim of same
    sex molestation at age 12
    by eight ‘friends’ I get
    angry when I see rape or
    other forms of assault taken
    lightly. It’s time for them
    to go off the air for good.

  • Cakers

    So? It’s a cartoon for adults. Why the fuck should they be gentle? There is a time to stand up for whats right and a time to shut the fuck up, realize you’re an overzealous moron and just leave the room. Lucas and Spielberg really raping Harrison Ford, do something about it. A cartoon Lucas and Spielberg raping a cartoon Harrison Ford, shut the fuck up and leave.