Tuesday Ten: Feminist friendly male bloggers

I am really into lists lately. After Courtney’s ten things she can do without and my own replica, along with all the responses we got, I figure why not make it a weekly feature. So similar to Amanda’s Friday Random Ten, here is my second crack at the Tuesday Ten.
I have been thinking about highlighting men that do feminist work in their blogging (sort of in the vain of Twanna’s Manly Monday, but different trajectory). Many of these men, I don’t know personally, so I will not say they are feminists, however, in much of their writing I have found they support many of my ideals.
So here goes. This is my list of who I consider feminist friendly male bloggers.
1. Scott Lemiuex from Lawyers, Guns and Money
2. Nezua from the Unapologetic Mexican
3. Kevin from Slant Truth
4. Jay Smooth aka the Illdoctrine
5. Jesse Taylor from Pandagon
6. Baratunde Thurston from Jack and Jill Politics
7. Kai Chang from Zuky.
8. J Brotherlove.
9. Hugo Schwyzer
10. AngryAsianMan

A couple of caveats.
1. This list is by no means exhaustive, nor is it ordered in any way (i. e. best to worst).
2. This is only my opinion from what I have read of them. I am sure none of the men on this list are perfect, but I hold the steadfast belief that nobody is perfect, but we are doing the best we can. I only want to highlight what I see as good work being done, work I can get behind and bloggers I know would probably get behind what we do at Feministing. I also wanted to bring attention to some men doing really amazing work, that you may not have heard of.
3. I fully recognize that I am buying into binary gender systems here and would like to expand this notion of “man” if anybody would do so graciously in comments.
4. I also recognize that men often get more credit than women as respected sources in political writing and blogging. So before you even look at this list, remember and pay homage to all the amazing women that blog tirelessly (for a rather comprehensive list please see our blogroll) and have been doing so for a long time. Thank you ladies!

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  • http://dru-plus-spike.livejournal.com M0xieHart

    I’ve never read any of these blogs, I’ll try to check them out.
    I’m a huge fan of PZ Meyers from Pharyngula. The blog is mostly about science and atheism but he covers women’s issues in a way that would put the guys at Americablog & DailyKos to shame–i.e. women exist! And we have issues!

  • kec_80

    Derek from http://doingfeminism.com/
    I particularly like the Canadian issues Derek brings forth.

  • Crashhooligan

    I LOVE illdoctrine. Lots. And I credit feministing for me finding him!

  • Samhita

    Yes, I should have added to the post, please make your own lists of favorite male feminist bloggers!

  • rileystclair

    jay smooth, jesse taylor, and hugo schwyzer are some of my very favorites to read. not to give dudes more credit or anything, but reading really good feminist-like writing from men inspires in me a uniquely hopeful feeling and reassures me that some of them get it too.

  • http://revolutionaryact.org fitnessfortheoccasion.wordpress.com

    Nezua has some amazing posts about raising his daughter. This one in particular was very powerful.

  • Zula

    Figleaf from http://www.realadultsex.com.
    Don’t let the blog name fool you – he’s probably one of the most insightful (and PG-rated!) bloggers I read!

  • kurd55

    Great idea and info! =)

  • leah

    I’d also add Ampersand et al from Alas, a blog.

  • aleks

    All that pandering doesn’t earn Matt Yglesias any recognition? He’s at least twice endorsed a 100-year suspension of male suffrage to even the score.

  • http://lucikali.wordpress.com L-K

    Jamelle from The United States of Jamerica. He was also a guest blogger over at Feministe.

  • http://hugoschwyzer.net Hugo Schwyzer

    Thanks so much for placing me in such splendid company, Samhita!
    Let me also recommend Feminist Allies.

  • http://hugoschwyzer.net Hugo Schwyzer

    Shoot, I can’t do HTML to save my life.

  • imnotemily

    I add Paul McAleer, from BigFatBlog.com
    The blog is primarily Fat Acceptance, but Paul definitely incorporates awesome feminist ideals…
    go read it, it’ll eat up your afternoon :)

  • http://www.nyctophilia.net moonwatcher

    I would add PZ Myers of Pharyngula, Josh Fruhlinger of The Comics Curmudgeon (who regularly makes fun of sexism in the comics), and all the men at Shakesville.

  • adag87

    I really love Jay Smooth. Does anybody know his real last name?

  • femman

    Although he hasn’t posted in awhile (Diary of a Black Male Feminist) has some good reads

  • princess_smartypants

    I’d like to second Josh Fruhlinger, The Comics Curmudgeon, who also happens to be my husband. I can vouch that he is a feminist (and very funny) in real life, as well.

  • Mar

    (Asian American woman speaking here)
    I’m so glad that you dropped Zuky and AAM on your list! I met both Kai and Phil Yu (of AAM) at a conference, and they’re cool as hell.
    As much as I love AAM, though, I’m a little surprised by your labeling Phil Yu as “feminist friendly”. if anything, he comes off as slightly reticent to talk about women’s issues.

  • meeneecat

    I like Roy’s blog because he writes a lot about gaming. (Yes, I’m a gamer, and female)
    I also love the name of his blog, “No Cookies for Me”…the idea that allies shouldn’t get cookies for doing the right thing.

  • Samhita

    Mar-Perhaps you are right, I haven’t read everything he has done. But what I have read I felt fell under “angry” as opposed to anti. But again, I said none of them are perfect, I am sure I have missed things.

  • http://funkybrownchick.com Twanna A. Hines

    Samhita, I LOVE the Tuesday Ten idea and the dudes featured on this one. :)
    Thanks for the shout out!!!

  • MsMay

    I recommend http://boogaface.blogspot.com. Booga Face. Feminist guy, good stuff. One of my favorite posts by him is his take on the pregnancy comedies of last year and earlier this year:
    In the interest of full disclosure, he is my boyfriend — but I promise you all, it’s an intellectual thrill ride of blog.

  • Jo

    Love Jay Smooth, and Nezua is great, too.
    I haven’t read all of these bloggers, and I don’t have time now to go check them all out, but I’m curious, and you sort of hinted at this, are they all cismen?

  • http://covergirlsthedocumentary.blogspot.com Le

    I’ve been reading AngryAsianMan for about four yrs now (yes I’m Asian), so I’m really happy to see him on the list!!!!
    Okay now it’s my turn for shameless self-promotion. I’m a dude as well, and I keep a blog on gender/race/media reform issues. Click on my name to check it out!! Thanks!!!