Trans for Obama Day!

Contributed by Helen Boyd, (en)gender
National Stonewall Democrats set up a page on ActBlue specifically for the trans community and its allies to donate to Barack Obama. It’s exciting in so many ways: for a historically gay and lesbian organization to do something so tangible for the trans community, to help make visibile the trans community and its allies, both within the LGBT community and on the national stage, and to raise money for the only presidential candidate who will help set a tone of tolerance and non-discimination toward trans people and their families.
I’m excited. Be excited with me. If you’re a supporter of Barack Obama already, or a trans person and Democrat, or an ally, friend, or family member of a trans person, this is a great way to stand up and be counted: no matter how small the donation, it’s the number of donors that matters most. Help make the trans community visible politically.
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Helen Boyd is tracking all the posts and keeping everyone up-to-date.

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