Quick Hit: Submit Questions for the Candidates to Answer

So by quick I mean URGENT! Sorry for the last minute notice, but it was just brought to my attention that you, the youth of America, can submit questions for the presidential youth debate. But you only have 65 minutes left to submit.
Have a burning question that you want submitted for consideration to be asked at the presidential youth debate. GO HERE AND DO IT NOW!

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  • http://reclamationfeminist.blogspot.com Brandi

    They’ve extended the deadline to 4 PM EST, so there’s another hour now.

  • fatsweatybetty

    Just asked what they’ll do about military rape.
    There are so many things I want to ask that it was hard to pick just one question.

  • KatieinNewYork

    It’s 4:10p, EST and they are still currently accepting questions.

  • JosephLillo

    I’m in a baaaaaaad mood, so I used this more for venting. I don’t expect to have this question picked, but I put down the following:
    “I understand that a lot of people are frustrated with “illegal immigrants” and their usage of this country’s resources in their day-to-day lives, but how do we reconcile this with our own sense of goodness and humanity?”

  • JosephLillo

    Sorry for the double post, but I’d like to note that they accepted my question at 8:15 PM, EST. Either they’d like more questions, or they’re really lazy in taking down the form. Either way, take advantage!