Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: Henry Rollins

So to really get our minds off the election I thought I would switch it up and do a Feminist Fuck Yeah to Henry Rollins. Why Henry Rollins? Well because he is awesome (this is more awesome), but we also got several emails from readers who have seen his spoken word performances (which are amazing) and apparently he is a fan of Feministing. If that is not FUCK YEAH worthy, I am not really sure what is.

And I have been known to bite his style from time to time. (And full transcript after the jump.)

This week’s Friday Feministing Fuck Yeah goes to Henry Rollins.
This is a little bit delayed but a couple of months ago we got a series of emails from fans of yours that are readers of ours that said you were dropping Feministing as a source for women’s news and something that you read which is beyond flattering for me because I am an old school fan of yours and loved Black Flag back when i was 15, 16, 17 years old.
And it was always complicated my love for punk rock, I am a woman of color and I was a riot girl and I never quite fit but I always wondered what you felt about the racial dynamics of punk rock culture. Maybe one day you can tell me, I don’t know.
But we have to give you a fuck yeah for dropping our name because you are fucking awesome. And thank you for championing the rights of gay people and queer people and women internationally through all the work you have done. And thank you for being a model for other people that are in the music business that could potentially use their power and privilege for creating social change.
So this weeks Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah goes to you, Henry Rollins, and thank you so much for reading and dropping our name.

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