Friday Feminist Fuck You: Bill O’Reilly

You knew this one was coming.

Approximate transcript below the jump.

Fuck you, Bill O’Reilly.
This video has been a long time coming, and this most recent comment just made it necessary. Like I really don’t understand how he can be on television, it’s sort of ridiculous. But lest not forget, this is Fox News we’re talking about. Anyway, Ann posted earlier today on a recent show of his, where he talks about Michelle Obama with Vogue reporter Rebecca Johnson, where he asks:
“I have a lot of people who call me on the radio and say she looks angry. And I have to say there’s some validity to that. She looks like an angry woman. Did you ask her about that?”
First of all, did he really just ask this woman is she asked Michelle Obama about her anger? What I want to know is, Bill O’Reilly, would YOU ask Michelle Obama, “Michelle Obama, are you an angry woman? You’re just an angry black woman aren’t you?” Fucking asshole.
Sadly, this isn’t the first time that the term “angry black woman” has been brought up when discussing Michelle Obama, not coincidentally by Fox News.
But back to Bill, most of us know he doesn’t have a great reputation in the racist/sexist department. For example, he once said referring to Michelle that he doesn’t “want to go on a lynching party against Michelle Obama unless there’s evidence, hard facts…” Yes, really.
He also falsely claimed during a discussion on abortion that it “is never the case” that a “mother’s life is in danger” during pregnancy because “you can always have a C-section and do those kinds of things.” Tell that to the families of the thousands of women who have died from maternal death.
Or another time he made a comment about Harvard making a $50 million pledge to recruit more women in their staff:
“Any woman who signs on to work at Harvard gets 100 pair of shoes…to make it even more enticing, they’re gonna give women shoes, because all women want shoes.”
These are just a couple of examples. But this last one really takes the cake for me. So with that being said, here’s a big angry, feminist fuck you to Bill O’Reilly.

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