When you thought PETA couldn’t get worse.

I got 100 percent on the ABC Striptease Quiz!
That’s right. On the PETA website, a schoolgirl-outfitted woman strips herself down topless in undies as you answer the ABC Striptease Quiz on animal birth control. The intro says:

Hi, I’m Amber, and today, we’re going to be going over our ABCs. Here’s your first lesson: “ABC” stands for “animal birth control,” but it can also stand for “Amber’s bored with clothes” if you have the brainpower to answer these 10 quiz questions correctly.
There’s nothing that gets me hotter than an intelligent person who’s also compassionate, so let’s see if we can’t get me hot enough to remove a few pesky items of clothing–if you’re up to the challenge, that is …

As regular readers know, this is not the first of PETA’s offensive actions. But this is straight up soft porn for your ass. Contact PETA and let them know that their sexist (and recently racist) asshattery is severely played out.
h/t to all the readers who alerted us to this!

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  • nightingale

    Wow, not only is the premise itself sexist, some of the wrong answers are really insulting. Thanks, PETA, for again making me ashamed to support animal rights.


    hahaha. Fuck you, PETA. I’ll be sure to go to KFC and get a HUGE bucket of fried chicken.

  • http://www.the-f-word.org Rachel

    Peta will be demonstrating in my city this weekend in a very public square frequently populated by families with children. They plan to have two women showering naked in a display as a way to urge people to cleanse themselves of their animal-eating guilt. I’m vegetarian and an animal-rights proponent, but antics like this remind me yet again why I am not a member of Peta.

  • Kate

    Here’s what I just wrote to them:
    As a strict vegetarian for 17 of my 22 years and a longtime supporter of PETA, I was severely disappointed when I saw your ABC Striptease Quiz. I do not believe that the ends justify the means, and using blatant misogyny through soft-core porn to get your point across is not only crass but makes me look upon your entire philosophy with suspicion and disgust. Fighting against the oppression of animals is noble, but so is fighting against the oppression of women and your encouraging of the stereotype of women as purely sex objects for the enjoyment of men proves to me that I cannot support your organization any longer. Animals do deserve respect, but not at the expense of women.

  • Jess

    PETA is a classic 12-years-old philosophy organization.
    What’s that mean? Philosophy that’s as well thought out as my junior high political stances. Like libertarians, PETA manages to not only do offensive things, but be pretty stupid about most of them.
    Like, no animals for clothes, despite the fact that taking wool doesn’t kill the sheep. And do silkworms count? I guess using all those oh-so-environmentally-friendly artificial substitutes such as PVC is so much better.
    OK, we stop eating cows. The cows are supposed to… what? They have to be milked b/c they are bred that way, can’t live on their own in the “wild” and we’d have to stop breeding them. Maybe neuter them all?
    What of those with allergies to nuts, gluten, strawberries, and a host of others?
    Scientists can magically test compounds by never observing their effects on humans, evidently. I assume they are all willing to volunteer for those clinical trials.
    That’s the tip of the iceberg. There’s more idiocy where that came from. I have no respect for most animal rights campaigners as a result.

  • dakini

    Jess, I assure you, cows can live fully productive and happy lives without us breeding them to be milked and slaughtered. Sheep may not be killed usually to take their wool but they are mistreated and abused- please see this website if you would like more information about this process. I don’t understand your sentence about allergies- please elaborate. Many of my friends are gluten and soy intolerant vegans. And many companies are doing fine without animal testing, so I’m not sure what you mean there, either.

  • Tara K.

    As a long time vegetarian, I’d rather we all eat animals five times a day than objectify women’s body parts in to “prizes” that can be seen for answering questions, and the woman as a whole is reward for animal education.
    If you go to the site to see the end product (she’s in her red lace panties with an arm over her bare breasts), be sure to put on the headphones so that you don’t miss out on the sleazy music and her little chants telling you how good you are.

  • daniel

    This is a bit off-topic, but I wanted to post this since I’d never seen ani Anti-PETA ads before:
    I live in DC, and there are at least two large, lighted ads in the busy Metro Center station that went up this week challenging PETA’s business practices.
    Only problem is they’re placed by the Center for Consumer Freedom, which isn’t a great organization

  • oxygengrrl

    Folks–Please do write to them if you click through to the link–otherwise, they’ll just count the hits and consider the campaign a success.
    Of course, be warned that if you click through, you will hear loud music and an offensive breathy voiceover. It’s really too bad, because spaying and neutering and responsible adoption are hugely important issues, and this approach will antagonize a good number of people they could otherwise reach

  • wintermute

    Jess, I assure you, cows can live fully productive and happy lives without us breeding them to be milked and slaughtered.

    Why, yes. There are all those herds of wild cows roaming the countryside to prove that. They do just great outside of farms, don’t they?

  • ikkin

    At this point, I waste no opportunity to offend PETA in the same manner that the offend me.
    Last week, they were protesting the circus going on in Austin. I sat in my car, beside them, enjoying a hot, delicious KFC Chicken Snacker!

  • dakini

    Wintermute, I am also not sure what point you are making, either, though I detect sarcasm. I am of the belief that cows do not exist on Earth solely for the purpose of being inhumanely slaughtered and consumed by humans, and I understand that not everyone shares this belief, but I feel it is incorrect to imply that cows “need” us.
    Put down PETA all you want- I am not a supporter of them- but I am having trouble following the slamming of veganism and animal rights, especially given the close ties it has to feminism.

  • tomorrowshorizon

    Here is the email I just sent them:
    Hey, PETA
    As a short introduction, I want you to know that I’m a huge supporter of most of what you do. I think it’s awesome that there’s an organization out there that is so dedicated to animal rights, which generally do not receive much political or public attention. With that in mind, I do think the animal birth control information you provide in your ABC quiz is important.
    However, the fact that you get this information out by using exploitative images of women is very disappointing to me as a feminist. Your quiz represents the character of Amber as a sex object, and even when she provides useful and important information, phrases like “Amber’s bored with clothes” are tacked on at the end. The stripping woman has no legitimate relation to the content, and exists purely ornamentally.
    This is not the first time your organization has used women to get your point out. And while I do not object to all of your campaigns using models (for instance, I think it makes sense to combat sexualized images of fur with sexualized images of the rejection of fur, since the main reason people continue to wear fur is because they think it’s “fashionable”), I do expect that a progressive organization such as PETA would have at least reasonably progressive treatment of women in addition to animals. I believe that the ethical treatment of animals can coexist with the ethical treatment of humans. Problems such as your “ABC Striptease Quiz” are the main reason I have not donated to your organization, and as long as they remain a part of your campaigns, you are losing the contribution dollars of women like myself who are concerned with both feminism and animal rights.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my letter,

  • metabonbon

    Uh … do I get points for noticing that when you get to question #7, she has somehow managed to take off both her stockings, but still has on one shoe?
    oxygengrrl – thanks, that’s a good point about clickthrough being a “good thing” unless we speak up against the campaign. I’m going to write them:
    “I’m a vegetarian of 15 years who has just completed your ABC Striptease quiz. Your use of pornography to promote animal rights is disgusting. Porn hurts women. Clearly PETA doesn’t give a crap about its women constituents, or you would stop degrading us with these obnoxious campaigns. You continue to push away a large group of potential passionate supporters every time you objectify women in these stunts.”

  • PamelaVee

    Yawn, Peta.
    Why not just give people animal shelter stats? The Animal Birth Control campaign could be highly effective even WITH clothing! Imagine that!
    It’s really, really disappointing to see this type of commenting on Feminsiting.
    We can look at all the other issues (like commercials!) and get outraged, but for animals, we don’t care?
    Hey, KFC chompers, it isn’t Peta you are hurting by eating KFC. It’s so fucking easy to say “Lolz just gonna eat a burger now! Isn’t that SO funny?”
    No, it’s not funny. Actually, it’s about as lame as these terrible Peta ads.
    Never mind that most animal products are from female animals and that female animals, along with their young, suffer.
    Never mind that the same patriarchal excuses for abusing women are the same excuses for abusing animals.
    Never mind that 10 billion animals are needlessly abused and killed annually just in the US.
    Never mind that there are close similarities in the mindset between the consumption of animals and the consumption of women.
    Never mind that the money made from these animal products (meat, milk, eggs) are all exploiting the reproductive processes of animals, something feminists are against.
    Never mind that IT’S OK to care about more than one issue.
    Never mind that the meat and dairy industry routinely abuses its workers, largely Hispanic persons with little or no recourse if they are injured or abused on the job.
    Never mind that they feed cows to cows and that is where BSE comes from….
    Never mind that
    Nope, fuck all that. “Lolz, I’m having a burger.”
    Cognitive dissonance, much?

  • Danyell

    Well, I am completely offended by PETA’s tactics, yet again. That is no surprise. I guess I’m more surprised that members of this community are using this as an opportunity to completely trash a lifestyle and political choice that is very important to me. I am not vegan, but I have been vegetarian for over 6 years now. I don’t agree with using sexism or racism to stop the oppression of animals, as if one form of oppression trumps another. And so neither do I think it’s appropriate to trash all veg*ns just because PETA uses sexist advertising (as if one kind of oppression trumps another).
    Wintermute, how would you know how cows would do had they never been over used in factory farms? You’re like those people who claim to know what human nature is because they see the way people act in Manhattan. No, we can’t simply just turn all cows loose, but that doesn’t mean that with careful planning we couldn’t slowly wean our society off of abusing cows, does it? And Jess, just because an act doesn’t kill an animal, does that mean it’s not being hurt? And is that kind of abuse OK? You know that they can make clothes out of cotton too, right? Or are all of your clothes silk, wool & leather? No one *needs* leather. My belt is made of rubber. Which comes from a plant that can be replenished. See, no one maimed, no one has to die.
    When it comes to people with food allergies…then they should not eat those things. I don’t get what your point is there…
    And medical testing is one thing, but what about cosmetics? If those are too toxic to test on people, then I don’t ever want to use them! I wish we didn’t have to resort to animal testing for anything, even life saving medicines, but I don’t have a better solution. If you have one that doesn’t use sarcasm, I’d like to hear it. I try to live my life minimizing the pain and suffering of other creatures. Yes, you end up with some grey area, and no one has all the answers. But at least some of us actually try and are willing to say “I don’t know” when we don’t.
    I won’t mind this sort of arguing if people actually did some research, had valid opinions or some kind of point to make. Please don’t address all veg*ns like ignorant pieces of garbage just because you like McDonald’s. If you can justify it to yourself, then great for you. I’m glad you can feel comforted simply being the greatest species on the planet.

  • Danyell
  • Danyell

    um, some of you need to calm the hell down. This post is about the SEXISM in PETA, not about animal rights. I am sick of PETA’s sexist campaign for animal rights.
    Some of you, take your animal rights arguments somewhere else. This blog is about sexism, not animal rights.

  • PamelaVee

    It BECOMES an animal rights argument when people trash vegetarians/vegans, animal rights workers, and make really intelligent comments like, “hahaha. Fuck you, PETA. I’ll be sure to go to KFC and get a HUGE bucket of fried chicken” EVERY SINGLE TIME time Peta or animal rights comes up.
    Also, you should know better than to say “calm down” in a feminist forum. You should know that that language has been used in the past to make women look “hysterical” and discredit them as being “too sensitive”.

  • dakini

    browntrashpunk, the animal rights arguments were a direct response to comments intended to discredit veganism and animal rights. these comments were the deviation from a post about sexism in peta, not the responses to them.

  • SaraLaffs17

    Dakini and Danyell: my food allergies are the major reason I’m not a vegetarian. I’m severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. (I’m one of those people you read about who can’t even eat a candy bar that’s made in the same factory with nut products.) I’ve also developed a sensitivity to soy, which pisses me off because I’d SO much rather drink soy milk and cook with tofu. If I eat or drink something soy-based more than about three times a week, I’m in trouble. At least for now…the allergy may get worse over time, and then I won’t be able to have any at all. (I try not to think about that day coming…)
    No meat, no nuts and no soy = very few other protein sources…at least those that are available where I live.

  • Danyell

    Sara, I’m sorry to hear about your allergy problems. Do you have a problem with wheat gluten? If not, you should consider it, also sometimes called Seitan (pronounced like Satan). It is often used in Asian vegan cuisine and has an amazing texture and a better substitute for meat than soy because it’s more convincing and has more flavor. If you can’t find it in your local supermarket or produce store, there are places online where you can order specialty foods. It is a bit of a nuisance, but if you really want to give it a shot, I highly recommend it. I also love chick peas. I mash them up with mayo & mustard (there are also vegan mayos) and it tastes like tuna salad. Or I stir fry them with asparagus and sauce made with tomato sauce & cilantro (Goya makes a great garbanzo mix with pre-made sauce) and serve over noodles.
    Do you still eat eggs? I still have eggs and the protein is really good and they have healthy fats.
    I don’t think anyone would hold it against you if you can’t go the full nine because of your physical restrictions. All anyone can ask is that you do the best you can. Jess made it seem like we (animal rights people) crucify those who don’t stop eating meat even though they literally can’t. She seemed to dismiss the entire ideology because some people are allergic to certain foods, which doesn’t really make sense, you know. That’s all. I have a friend that has a stomach condition and her diet much consist of a certain amount of at least chicken. How can I judge her for that? I can’t ask her to make herself sick just to conform to a belief system.

  • Danyell

    BrownTrashPunk – if someone intentionally insulted your value system, would you like someone to tell you to calm down?
    Besides, eating KFC doesn’t stick it to PETA. If anything, you’re only hurting yourself. I mean…ew.
    You know they legally can’t even classify what they use as “chickens” anymore? Why do you think they’re now just “KFC” and not Kentucky Fried Chicken? It’s not just to be hipper, I can assure you.

  • Ravencomeslaughing

    I submitted my complaint with language similar to that in Kate’s complaint. I just got a response. Please note that nowhere in their response do they actually address my issue with this particular “striptease” quiz, but they’re damned quick to accuse me of censorship. Oh, and they have ads with men! Whoopee. Here it is in its entirety:
    Dear Meghan,
    Thank you for your letter expressing concern about our use of women in our ads and campaigns. We appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts with us.
    As an organization staffed largely by feminist women, we would not do something that we felt contributed to the very serious problems that women face. Our “naked” demonstrators and models choose to participate in our actions because they want to do something to make people stop and pay attention. We believe that people should have the choice to use their own bodies to make social statements, and that there is nothing shameful or “wrong” about being naked or using one’s body provocatively. This tactic has been used since Lady Godiva rode naked on a horse to protest taxes on the poor in the 11th century.
    Please know that we also feature men in our ads and demonstrations:
    · http://www.PETA.org/pdfs/ADmola.pdf
    · http://www.FurIsDead.com/pdfs/ad-kristoff.pdf
    · http://www.FurIsDead.com/feat-cross.asp
    · http://www.LettuceLadies.com/broc.html
    · http://www.PETAIndia.com/mods3.jpg
    · http://www.FurIsDead.com/feat-Rodman2.asp
    · http://www.barewitness.org/photoalbum/Paris-fur.htm
    These activists are dedicated to helping foxes who are electrocuted and skinned by the millions for the fur industry, calves who are torn from their distraught mothers and slaughtered for the meat industry, elephants who are beaten bloody and forced to live in chains year after year in circuses, and the billions of animals who suffer from torture, maddening isolation, starvation, terror, and violent death at the hands of uncaring industries.
    Take Ms. Traci Bingham, for example, who posed for our “All Animals Have the Same Parts” ad campaign (http://www.GoVeg.com/feat/tracibee/). She is a deeply committed vegetarian who is known to millions for her television work, including beating out a platoon of men to excel in an endurance test called “Boot Camp.” She chose to use her body as a political tool to grab public attention for serious animal issues. In this case, Ms. Bingham felt offended by the traditional “meat” posters that treat animals as “parts,” and she wanted to make the point that neither they nor women should be viewed as parts—we are all precious.
    As you know, billions of animals are bred every year for the sole purpose of having their bodies chopped up, stamped with the label “USDA meat,” and stuck into tidy packages on supermarket shelves. Like us, animals raised for their flesh have personalities and feelings, and they form families and friendships if given the chance. But factory farms deny animals everything that is natural and enjoyable to them, condemning them to tortured lives in filthy, cramped cages, stalls, and sheds, where only a steady diet of drugs keeps them alive long enough to be prodded to the slaughterhouse.
    We feel that all people should be free to use their minds and bodies as political instruments to bring attention to animal suffering like this, and we appreciate any effort to help those who have no voice. We use all available opportunities to reach millions of people with powerful messages. We have found that people do pay more attention to our racier actions, and we consider the public’s attention to be extremely important. Sometimes this requires tactics—like naked marches and colorful ad campaigns—that some people find outrageous or even “rude,” but part of our job is to shake people up and even shock them in order to initiate discussion, debate, questioning of the status quo, and of course, action. After PETA publicized our “State of the Union Undress,” for example, we were rated the number one “mover” on Yahoo’s search engine, meaning that PETA received the greatest percentage increase of terms searched that day. The current situation is critical for billions of animals, and our goal is to make the public think about the issues. Although some consider our projects that include nudity to be controversial, many women express support for these tactics.
    You might find it interesting to consider that it is the societies that allow women to wear revealing clothing in which women have the most rights and the most power. Likewise, it is the societies that punish women for wearing revealing clothing in which women have the fewest rights and the least power. Should women only be allowed to participate in activism if they promise not to show their bodies or use their bodies as political statements? If a person chooses to use his or her physicality and sexuality to convey a message of his or her choosing, aren’t those who would censor him or her, even if their motives are good, also somewhat guilty of disrespect and repression?
    PETA does make a point of having something for all tastes, from the most conservative to the most radical and from the most tasteless to the most refined, and this approach has proved amazingly successful—in the more than two decades since PETA was first founded, it has grown into the largest animal rights group in the world, with over 2 million members and supporters worldwide. For more information about PETA’s vital work for animals, please visit http://www.PETA.org/about.
    We respect your right to disagree with our tactics but hope that you will continue to support projects that you do agree with, such as our free vegetarian starter kit giveaways (http://www.GoVeg.com/order.asp) or our low-cost spay/neuter clinic (http://www.HelpingAnimals.com/about_snip.asp).
    Thank you for providing us with this opportunity to respond to your concern and for all that you do to help animals!
    The PETA Staff

  • Danyell

    Someone should ask PETA about the animals that they euthanise in their facilities. Hypocrites.
    Go, Farm Sanctuary!

  • Roja

    Here’s my letter, I was a bit angry:
    I’m writing to say that I am pro-animal rights but anti-peta. Because peta stabs women in the back.
    You are reducing us to sex. Either stop using women as tools for your campaigns or start using men JUST AS EQUALLY as women.
    PETA needs to change. How would you like it if the women’s movement slaughtered animals as a way to grab people’s attentions?! or gave out free fur coats to people who joined the movement?!
    why do you have a striptease game on your site? who are you trying to attract and who are you trying to alienate? surely you don’t think all women are going to run to your website to see another woman naked?

  • Roja

    I can’t believe they went there with the typical anti-feminist argument: “women have more rights in countries where they are allowed to be naked”
    nobody is trying to force women to cover up assholes, we are just trying to say that you shouldn’t use us as meat! (pun intended)
    And they are using nudity because it has shock value, if they thought being naked was ok and not taboo, they wouldn’t have done this….
    I hate it when people try to justify old-fashioned abusive behaviors as something progressive and open-minded.


    LMAO, I don’t even eat KFC. I was being sarcastic because I fucking hate PETA.
    Anyway I eat meat. I’m not a vegan and I see nothing wrong with eating meat. Everybody is free to eat what they want. I don’t appreciate vegans telling me what I can eat and can’t eat.

  • dakini

    Can you please explain where someone dictated your diet?
    I don’t think asking for respect for a lifestyle which is a natural extension of feminism is too much to ask for in a feminist forum.

  • GrowingViolet

    I agree that this ad is seriously problematic, and that the previous one featured was absolutely horrid. That said, I am a little bit sick of Feministing’s ongoing grudge match with PETA. Before the most recent two, we had post after post about the anti-feminist repressive nature of female activists’ voluntary demonstrations calling attention to the horrors of life for sows and chickens in factory farms. Funny, that’s the very stance Feministing has rejected when it comes to pornography and sex work, which are, let’s face, not exactly sunshine-and-roses industries a lot of the time. As offensive as this particular stunt of PETA’s is, the hypocrisy I’ve seen in Feministing’s ongoing PETA-baiting exercise is blunting my rage a bit. (Yes, PETA campaigns sometimes use sexist imagery and tactics. But if you’re not going to complain about other voluntary participation in, and group dissemination of, similar campaigns, it’s hard to take a slew of complaints against one particular organization seriously.)

  • GrowingViolet

    I agree that this ad is seriously problematic, and that the previous one featured was absolutely horrid. That said, I am a little bit sick of Feministing’s ongoing grudge match with PETA. Before the most recent two, we had post after post about the anti-feminist repressive nature of female activists’ voluntary demonstrations calling attention to the horrors of life for sows and chickens in factory farms. Funny, that’s the very stance Feministing has rejected when it comes to pornography and sex work, which are, let’s face, not exactly sunshine-and-roses industries a lot of the time. As offensive as this particular stunt of PETA’s is, the hypocrisy I’ve seen in Feministing’s ongoing PETA-baiting exercise is blunting my rage a bit. (Yes, PETA campaigns sometimes use sexist imagery and tactics. But if you’re not going to complain about other voluntary participation in, and group dissemination of, similar campaigns, it’s hard to take a slew of complaints against one particular organization seriously.)

  • Gingerrrrr

    Why do they think the ‘naked girl’ angle is going to get anyone’s attention, anyways? If you want to watch porn, it’s not hard to find.

  • SaraLaffs17

    Thanks for the tips, Danyell!

  • Nettle Syrup

    Veganism aside, who are they trying to reach with this? Heterosexual men? That’s like, 40% of the population! And that’s assuming that hetereosexual men are likely to visit that site, I tend to think women are more likely to go on PETA’s site. In a SCHOOLGIRL outfit, too? I don’t know about you, but this idea of sexualising schoolgirls seems pretty dangerous to me.
    As for their other ads, I’d much rather see celebs etc. in outfits made of bin liners, or old sacks or something than naked. It would still get the point across without being so damn offensive.
    PETA’s response is pathetic to say the least.

  • nattles_thing

    I’m not a fan of PETA — they’re too extreme, and I’m too much of a carnivore — but I don’t have a problem with this. I generally don’t mind nudity or sexuality in ads. It’s just a very effective advertising tactic, and I understand why it gets used. There are some situations in which it really is very demeaning, but I’m not sure this is one of them.
    I really don’t have a problem with nudity in PETA ads, because the women (and occasionally men) who pose are doing it for something they believe in. If you know the power of your body, why not use it to support an issue that’s important to you? It also allows PETA to make the “people as meat” point, which is very effective.

  • nej

    “And they are using nudity because it has shock value, if they thought being naked was ok and not taboo, they wouldn’t have done this….”
    Excellent point! Their tactics are sexually exploitative and they know it, and the pretense that “Hey, it’s all good because we haven’t kidnapped women off the street and forced them at gunpoint to do this crap and, besides, nudity is natural!” is more of the same nausea-inducing rationalizing. The ads featuring men are classy and tasteful next to the garbage they pull with their female models. Somehow the knowledge that PETA is largely staffed by women makes it all more stomach churning.
    Thanks for posting the contact link, Vanessa! I let the People for the Exploitation of Tits and Ass know that they’re never getting a dime from me.

  • Jessica

    GrowingViolet, I’m starting to feel the same way. I was reading the different posts, and I came to the Peta one. I just thought *Seriously? Blogging about Peta again?* And I knew that when I clicked on the Comments link, there’d be comments like “I’m gonna go eat some steak! In your face Peta!”
    And if you’re one of those people who made a comment like that…honestly it angers me and saddens me at the same time. Because you’re not sticking it to Peta by eating a bucket of chickens’ wings and legs. The chickens (or whomever you’re eating) are the ones that are directly impacted by your choice. I cannot take people seriously when they say junk like that. It’s not funny. It’s not even original. It’s plain stupid and immature. And it doesn’t reflect well on the person who says it.

  • dakini

    Hey Sara, I’m really sorry you’re dealing with food allergies- I know how challenging those can be to work around. I have a soy sensitivity as well, so a lot of my meals revolve around Seitan, like Danyell mentioned. You may want to look into rice milk, it is a delicious alternative to soy milk, great for cooking and baking. If you’d like to prepare more vegan meals, I would recommend picking up a cookbook called Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero. It has an emphasis on fresh, whole foods, so you’d be able to get away from all those packaged foods with the “prepared in a facility with…” subtext. Anyway, I want to thank you for doing your part and giving your best, because that’s all anyone can do, and I say that with complete sincerity. :)

  • _Maeowin_

    I was going to comment about the AKC bashing and legit breeder bashing of the quiz, but damn this thread got derailed by people getting offended (unintentionally by the offender) and then being rude back.
    Everyone has a different idea of what they should do in their lives regarding other animals and being insulting here isnt going to change the minds of anyone.

  • Halo

    I swear PETA is actually a front for the animal industry, sent out to make sure intelligent people are turned off to animal rights due to the offensive tactics they use.

  • http://www.adventured.net Vanessa

    Freaking PETA, I swear. What is wrong with them!? I saw a girl wearing next to nothing (think bathing suit top and Santa skirt) outside of the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony last year. It was absolutely sickening.

  • Sasha

    I sent an e-mail to PETA as well… There previous demonstrations and advertisements that exploit women have been bad but this strip-tease “game” is absolutely repulsive. They should be ashamed of themselves.
    so my e-mail:
    I am all for educating the public about cruelty against animals and how to be a responsible pet owner (I have owned dogs my entire life and currently own two beautiful fixed female dogs whom I adopted from shelters), however your ABC strip-tease is absolutely despicable! It is completely disgusting and nearly soft-core pornographic. It will not get your message across one bit. Everyone is too busy looking at the naked woman to even take the time to read the text after each question is answered. You should be ashamed of yourselves, PETA, to even consider yourself a humanitarian sort of organization when all you are doing is perpetuating that a women’s sexuality is an acceptable tool for marketing. This absolutely disgusts me! And again, you should truly be ashamed of yourselves…

  • Goanna

    What I wrote:
    I write to you today to voice my disgust at your use of sexist portrayals of women to further your cause. I absolutely support the core message of PETA, but just because a person thinks animals should be treated with the same respect given to humans, that does not mean that human beings (yes, women are human beings) should be treated like animals. The new ABC Striptease Quiz is absolutely disgusting. Not only does it perpetuate stereotypes and bad forms of thinking on what women are (objects instead of thinking human beings) but it also completely IGNORES the fact that aiming your message to women is more beneficial.
    Women make the majority of household financial decisions, usually do the shopping, and more often than not have a stronger impact on the thinking of their children than their male counterparts. To aim your message SOLELY at men is to aim your message at a group which will have little to no market impact.
    It is disgusting and immoral to portray women this way, as you have so many times before, and it is also irresponsible and unproductive.
    Good luck with furthering the cause of animal rights, but you will never have my support until you stop treating women like cattle to be judged and sized up for the pleasure of men. Once you start respecting human beings as much as you respect animals, I will listen and contribute to your organisation. Until then, grow up and get an imagination, because these stunts are both infantile and cruel.
    Anna McDougall

  • Tasha

    I agree completely with PamelaVee.
    PETA’s tactics are upsetting but some of the feministing comments on blogs about PETA disturb me quite a bit.
    If a feminist organization did something obnoxious that I disagreed with, would it make sense for me to say, “Well, now I’m going to go objectify a woman and then punch her in the face. LOL. Take that, [feminist organization]!”
    The logic behind that should be horrifying to any feminist, but then some of you apply that logic without hesitation to animal rights. There’s a misguided animal rights group out there, therefore, to show our disapproval, we should all eat lots of hamburgers and KFC? REALLY?

  • Indecent Idealist

    Thank you, PamelaVee and Dakini.
    It always amazes me when feminists completely miss the parallels between the oppression and abuses of women and the oppression and abuses of animals. Sheesh.

  • Cancergrrrl

    Puh-lease..that’s not softcore porn! I went to it because it sounded intriguing, and then I stayed as I learned a lot of information about cats. I’m a girl and I certainly do not see that as sexist, i just see it as a creative way to get attention. The people who would rather see animals being treated crule and tortured rather than see a grown female take off her clothes (with her consent) are sick! Shame on you for not having a sense of humor.

  • John

    I gotta say, I’m not seeing the softcore porn here.
    Is it sexist? Possibly, opinions are in the eyes of the beholder. There was no “real” nudity (no “naughty” parts shown). The woman in the ad obviously chose to “strip” because she believes in her cause.
    I don’t get it, I’m sure I’ll be flamed after I make this post, but I’m willing to live with it.
    Why is it that when a woman makes the choice to use her body to get attention for her cause, it makes the it automatically sexist? It was her choice, sex sells, sex has always sold, sex will always sell. That’s a fact of life. Just because someone makes the personal choice to exploit that fact doesn’t make them or those they associate with sexist. (Well not to me anyway, like I said, it’s all subjective.)

  • ShifterCat

    Not flaming you, John.
    I agree that depictions of nude women, or women as sexual beings, aren’t necessarily sexist.
    What is sexist is offering a woman (even a virtual one) as a prize for good behaviour. Willing or not, that is turning her into chattel.
    As for the logic that “Well, if a woman is volunteering for it, then it must be okay for women” — surely you’ve heard the arguments against Sarah Palin? And perhaps you’ve heard of Phyllis Shclafly? Women can be misogynist too. As a wise woman once said, “It’s hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.”

  • andromeda

    Here’s what I just sent them:
    I have no wish to sound like an enemy to the cause of animal rights, but I saw your striptease quiz and I feel compelled to speak out about it. I would never mistreat an animal, or do anything to encourage the mistreatment of animals, but the way you are trying to gain support for animal rights is absolutely unacceptable. I am an advocate for respect and kindness toward animals, but I am also a feminist. You are effectively offering human beings body parts as prizes for having knowledge of your cause, which does not show that anyone even supports it.
    I am in full support of anyone showing off any part of their body that they like, but for you to use women as a reward for someones support will, for the most part, attract only males, and only those who don’t see their fellow human beings as anything more than objects, let alone care for the rights of animals.
    As I said, I am in full support of the people who are actually stripping, as well as anyone else, showing off their bodies. They own their bodies, and can display them if they like. However, to make their bodies a prize strongly encourages everyone to think of all women, not just those individuals, as livestock. If you had men stripping for women as well, that would at least acknowledge that women and men both have sex drives, and are on the same plain, so to speak. what you are doing shows that PETA as an organization is so misogynist that they value animal rights above womens rights. They would offer human beings bodies to anyone who joins that cause.
    Perhaps there will be a few who will see this, get turned on by it, and yet still remember that those naked people are people, not prizes, but PETA doesn’t seem to care how small that percentage is. You should consider the collateral damage done to others with this campaign.