Policeman attacks CodePink protester at DNC

Trigger warning : This is very upsetting. At the convention, a CodePink protester was knocked down by a policeman saying (you can hear him in the video): “Back it up, bitch.”

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  • KatieinNewYork

    So WHO do we contact about this?

  • SamanthaLove

    I think probably the most disturbing part of this is all the people spamming the video’s comments about how she deserved it. I just don’t understand people some days.

  • ucsbclassics53

    I’m sure he feels so strong and masculine now…
    Arrest the cop for assault and battery…Violence against women CANNOT be legitimized no matter who the person is, but unfortunately since the person wears a badge…

  • dreadheadmags

    Ya eh, I bet he feels like a big man now, attacking an un-armed, non-violent woman. Fucking pig! And all they did was say that he will no longer be at demonstrations, that’s it! That’s not even a slap on the wrist, he’s going to keep doing things like that on the street. It doesn’t matter where you put him, if he’s the type of cop that abuses his power he’s gonna do it anywhere.

  • djhop

    Is there a link anywhere for the un-edited video?

  • http://silence-is-betrayal.blogspot.com Sara

    This is so sad to see. I’m surprised how little police are questioned and held accountable for their actions and we can only hope that something can be done despite the abysmal track record on dealing with police brutality. What was so threatening about a women with Code Pink, a group known for their peaceful protests? It’s just an outrage…

  • ucsbclassics53

    We have some in the population that believe a woman’s place is in the house, not the House and the Senate and the White House. Anytime there is a strong woman who speaks her mind without fear of what others will say, they call her a bitch whereas a man would be lauded. Couple that with the demonization of feminists by right-wing hate radio and you have a dangerous combination of sexism and misogyny.

  • http://ojibwaymigisibineshii.blogspot.com/ Cecelia

    I am with KatieInNewYork….who do we contact?
    Sara-I agree with you, they are not held accountable. Remember the the police are there to maintain the state of the nation which is patriarchy and violence. It is like this…
    This is very sad to me.

  • Lisa

    I try to really be careful when claims of police brutality go around because I know how easy it is to automatically assume that the police are in the wrong (after all, everyone has had their experience with the power-tripping cop). I always remember that they are human and try to put myself in their shoes. But there is no way this guy’s actions could be justified. None. The violence was completely out of line and he cements the fact that he was acting out of emotion, not duty, by calling her a bitch. I can’t believe that he’s only been pulled from demonstrations. The police are always lenient with their own, but they didn’t even throw in a couple days of suspension. I hope there is more media coverage of this that will eventually push the department into heavier punishment.
    I agree with SamanthaLove that it is especially disturbing that there are so many comments supporting his actions. It’s entirely based on their feelings of the subject of protest. They would be appalled if this happened to someone protesting or rallying their cause. Morality has to apply across the board, what the cop did was wrong. I don’t like the views of pro-life protesters, but if this happened to one of them I would be equally offended. Why? Because his actions were wrong. Period.

  • Cyprienne

    This is just sickening. First he knocks her down and then later when she’s talking to the cameras he hauls her away? I can’t believe he’s not being punished to the extent that his offence warrants.

  • sondjata

    Well that ABC reporter got it also. And quite frankly black folk been getting killed regularly by police all over the country for shit like taking out a wallet…
    All that to say, police in general have been getting out of control and power tripping especially since 9-11.

  • http://revivingemma.wordpress.com revivingemma

    I saw a lot of excessive policing in the streets of Denver this past week. $50 Million was spent on security for the DNC and most of that went to expensive weapons used on protesters. Like the pepper spray guns, batons and tasers. These weapons will remain in the streets of Denver and continued to be used on the people of this state.
    There are probably already people in Denver working on this instance of police brutality. The People’s Law Project is one organization that acted as Legal observers to all of the protests.
    I think it would be helpful if the readers of feministing sent in letters to the editor about this issue. Many people turn a blind eye to the police brutality committed during mass mobilizations like the DNC. The more letters and noise we can make about the issue, the more likely we are to see police become more accountable for their actions.

  • jamesneysmith

    See this is the only reason why I support the second amendment. I am a full-on pacifist and despise guns but when shit like this is so rampant and without legal repercussions for the offending Cops, I can’t help but think about the necessity of a people’s militia to help combat this nonsense. It’s become clear to me that the police all across the ‘free world’ have been given a carte-blanche. Thankfully there are genuinely respectful police officers who don’t abuse this power but then it is these COPS who need to be stopped. I am thoroughly disgusted.

  • Megan S.

    As hip hop in general would say,
    I have seen cops use excessive violence way too many times, and never ever ever get reprimanded for it, to put any faith or trust at all in them.
    This is part of the reason why I am an anarchist.

  • Brittany-Ann

    Holy crap. There was no reason for that. None. Oooh, I’m so angry right now. I hope the publicity from this will shame the department into giving that joke of a police officer a heavier punishment.

  • http://www.womanist-musings.com/ Renee

    This comes as no surprise. Anyone remember what happened in Seattle? The police don’t exist to protect us they exist to protect the ruling elite. This pig did his job. The sooner we realize that they are not our friends the better.

  • Dykonoclast

    I’m surprised it took feministing this long to post on that.
    But yeah, the police are not our friends. As the street chant demands, ‘Who do you protect? Who do you serve?
    As to the general assumption that I’m seeing here, that it’s bad to attack a ‘non-violent, peaceful’ protester, implied is that if she was using extralegal tactics, say, blocking traffic or damaging property, that everyone would be totally ok with her treatment. It’s time for everyone to start thinking about that because the RNC is gonna be no joke. When you see footage of police beating, pepper spraying and tasing activists blocking intersections, are you going to say that they deserved it?

  • FemWarrior

    I agree with Katie, who do we contact about this incident? That is so messed up and I hope charges are being brought on. Police and other law enforcement better watch what they are doing becuase with this and the critical mass brutality, video cameras are going to start outting them, and I for one will not be silent. Let me know who to write to because I am outraged, he throws her like a rag doll! aghhhh FUCK, I am so angry!

  • http://journals.aol.com/redwall33/TheMindofGenevieve/ Genevieve PlusCourageuse

    What happened to her is never called for.
    But, if a protester is obstructing traffic or destroying property, then the police have a right to arrest them. But even that wasn’t warranted in this case.

  • Paul

    What is that she did that she was going to do again?

  • Alex101

    Are American cops worse than cops elsewhere or ust reported on much more often? cos it really seems like something is seriously wrong with the American police system, the lack of accountability and the blind support they get from much of the population.
    Almost every day I see some story about police brutality from America – disabled people being tazered/beaten, unconscious people being tazered, a guy who fell of a bridge and broke his back being tazered for not getting up when ordered, people being tazered for not staying still when they whole reason they are moving is because they are being tazered, police beating cycling protesters and when their official report is totally at odds with extensive video footage no real questions are asked.
    When did this basically become acceptable?

  • Oshkosher

    We need a contact. City of Denver?

  • http://ojibwaymigisibineshii.blogspot.com/ Cecelia

    Yes, please tell me who we contact? I will be back to check on this…

  • Dykonoclast

    Genevieve has partially restored my faith in humanity.
    And Alex: cops in general are systemically fucking evil [I say systemically because I desire to make no grand pronouncements on the individual characters of all law enforcement officials]. The ones in the U.S. are just backed by more funding, jingoism, and a public who believes they can do no wrong, as a result of lifelong propagandistic conditioning. No accountability.
    I recommend reading Our Enemies In Blue, originally on Softskull Press, recently republished at South End Press, which can do no wrong. Also Andrea J. Ritchie’s essay Law Enforcement Violence Against Women of Color, printed in the INCITE! Anthology, The Color of Violence, also available from South End Press.
    For a world without cops …

  • deathdealer

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