If you missed Obama’s speech…

Here it is! After the fabulous Feministing happy hour – where we got to talk to activists, readers and regular commenters like TheSoyMilkConspiracy and Thomas – we headed over to NARAL NY’s watch party. It was amazing to get to watch this incredible speech with such a great group of people. Awesome night.

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  • AndersH

    McCain picked a female vice presidential candidate! Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Oh, yes please, let’s talk accomplishment for women at the vice presidential debate :D

  • http://mysterydykesquadron.blogspot.com Mystery Dyke Squadron (Bombing Division)

    Pity he’d still stuff the Supreme Court with pro-lifers…

  • turtlegirl

    She’s for drilling for oil in the Alaska Wildlife Preserve, a member of the NRA, anti-choice.
    This is the wildest presidential election in a long time.

  • anecho

    She may have the same reproductive organs but she doesn’t have any respect for mine – this is so low.

  • JosephLillo

    Saw it (well, listened to it, so I didn’t get many crowd shots, except when I looked back at the TV) last night. That was a speech that you could take to the bank. The money bank.
    Just a thought: if Obama wins (pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease), will he be the first POTUS to have mentioned gays/lesbians in his convention speech?