Quick Hit: Beware the vaginal candidate

Because fighting domestic violence makes one so unelectable. Via Barefoot and Progressive:

Exxon Eddie Whitfield’s surrogate has just posted a clip of his opponent in KY’s 1st congressional district race, Heather Ryan, performing a short piece from the Vagina Monologues earlier this year, which raised money for the Merriman House in Paducah for battered women. In it, he asks “Is this what we want to represent the first district of Kentucky?”
Uhhhh…. YES.

Violence, shmiolence – this woman is in a show about vaginas, people!! Sigh, how moronic. (Albeit not surprising.)

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  • http://rufreeyet.blogspot.com jstein

    Wow, this is incredible.
    Does he not know what the Vagina Monologues are about? Or did he just see the word Vagina and run to hug his Bible?

  • Brad


  • http://reformedpatriarchywhore.blogspot.com Jamie B.

    This actually almost makes me want to cry.
    I performed in the Monologues last year (of course to raise money for the local DV shelter) and I was really proud of it. I put it on YouTube and sent a link to all my family members. I found out via my siblings-still-at-home that my dad’s reaction was that it was “disgusting and appalling.”
    The Vagina Monologues are supposed to be something, in my opinion, that everyone can rally around – raising money for a really worthy cause while. I guess the side benefits of providing a safe place to talk about the experience of a woman is just too much egalitarianism for some people.
    I bet my dad would vote for this guy. :(

  • http://www.RyanForKentucky.com HeatherRyan

    My family was directly affected by domestic violence when my mom’s significant other punched her in the face and broke her cheekbone in three places when I was a teenager. That was just one of the times he beat her. That was just one of the times our family was torn apart by violence. He swore he was sorry, he swore he would never do it again, until of course, he did.
    Domestic violence is a very serious issue that has effected me directly. Ed Whitfield’s recent attacks on my character because I performed in the play, “The Vagina Monologues” as a benefit for the Merryman House Domestic Violence Shelter is a disgusting display of how low he will stoop in an attempt to ruin an opponent’s reputation at any cost. As far as I’m concerned, these attacks are yet another form of abuse toward women. I am not ashamed of the work I did to help end violence against women and I will never apologize for my compassion for battered women and children. Instead, I will await notification from Mr. Whitfield’s campaign headquarters apologizing for their lack of judgement and stating that they made a gift to Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center, PO Box 98, Paducah, KY 42002. – – – – Heather Ryan, Democratic Candidate, KY-01 U.S. House of Representatives

  • BabyPop

    I donated to Heather after reading this. Fuck Ed Whitfield.

  • http://mysterydykesquadron.blogspot.com Mystery Dyke Squadron (Bombing Division)

    I’d not vote for someone who’d performed in a show that tired.

  • whitelabcoat

    Mystery Dyke Squadron – no one’s asking you to. And, hey, maybe you could put together an ‘edgier’ show that helps victims of DV?

  • http://mysterydykesquadron.blogspot.com Mystery Dyke Squadron (Bombing Division)

    It’d be a musical version of the film “Teeth”, with the message changed to be about misandry in the Second Wave Feminist movement.