Interview series at Warrior Prose

The always fantastic National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum has a great interview series over at their blog Warrior Prose this week.

Can you name…
A 93 year-old Chinese-American revolutionary anti-racist activist and feminist?
A queer journalist and writer named one of the most influential Asian Americans of this decade?
A Seattle based activist involved in international and domestic human rights issues over the last 30 years?
A labor organizer and lawyer, accomplished nature photographer and poet, and author of several groundbreaking books?
A visionary trailblazer and founder and Executive Director of an internationally recognized human rights organization?
Five amazing women. Five must-read interviews. In a week long interview series, the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) gets up close and personal with Grace Lee Boggs, Helen Zia, Cindy Domingo, Lora Jo Foo, and Mallika Dutt, prominent women leaders who continue to define and redefine leadership and inspire us all. Check it out!

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