Anti-feminist mailbag!

Sometimes the emails we get are too good not to share.

fuck you femenists. when the network crashes you will be raped and made subject to men. you fear this and that is why you hate us. your greatest fears will be realized. you did nothing to help society but you divided it with your hatred, legalized murder of fetuses, and your selfish squandering while you did not help your people.

When the network crashes? Methinks someone has watched The Matrix one too many times.

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  • Laura

    LMAO. I’d consider *maybe* taking them seriously if they had decent grammar.

  • Nikki L

    Wow…sounds like someone has had no luck relying on his witty personality to woo women.

  • nightingale

    I think I’ll be too busy panicking about not being able to get my e-mail to worry about men.

  • Jinna

    I can’t take anyone seriously that can’t spell properly even when the email address has the proper spelling.

  • Jinna

    I can’t take anyone seriously that can’t spell properly even when the email address has the proper spelling.

  • Ismone

    Damnit! And all this time I’ve been preparing for zombies by watching every zombie movie possible and taking up target shooting. Hmm, at least some of my skillz will transfer over. Better rent some Matrix/Hacker type movies.
    Oh, and about the rape thing? One in six American women (including one in three Native American women) already do get raped, jackass.

  • a.k.a UltraMagnus

    Or, you know Jessica, he/they could mean when the internet just up and dies. I know when the network is down in my building it turns into Mad Max until the TimeWarner van shows up.

  • JackonFire

    I just love these tough-talking weaklings. The last thing they’d admit is the most glaringly obvious; they want badly to slobber all over illegitimate power’s phallus.

  • RiotGrrl

    I feel smug with myself when the opposition makes it oh so clear how dumb and crazy they are. The only bad part about the anti-fems being so crazy is that people like this are probably also very dangerous. They are the type to bomb clinics, kill women because they are evil, murdering fetuses.
    So it’s like a smug/scary feeling.

  • spike the cat

    “when the network crashes you will be raped and made subject to men.”
    If history is an indicator, there is a high probability that this guy would also be subject to other men as well. And it won’t be pretty.
    Murders, tortures and various other unpleasantries, more often find a man on the receiving end by the hand of a fellow man.
    So I’ll gladly take my chances as a female, when the system crashes, that is.

  • ikkin

    These kinds of people always scare me. I mean, it’s funny — sort of. It’s funny like when one of your friends busts out with a very good impression of a mentally handicapped person; you laugh, but you know something is wrong here.
    The network? Our people? Our fears? I see a great deal of projecting, and that just grosses me out.

  • Ismone

    So why aren’t we lashing out? After all, we are more likely to be poor, more likely to be attacked then we are to attack (by strangers, intimates, or acquaintances, take your pick), we have nowhere near proportional representation in any political branch in either state or national politics, we receive less pay for the same work, feminists are blamed for everything in the media, from girls gone wild to being sexual fridgidares to being sluts, our appearance, not our accomplishments, are constantly the focus of the attention we receive–I could keep going.
    See, you’re making the rookie mistake of thinking that when feminists criticize patriarchy or discrimination, we somehow think that all white men, or all men are deliberately holding us down, and all men are better situated than all women. I think few if any feminists really believe that.
    Clearly, I am better off than any man in prison. Clearly, there are gender, class, race, and other dynamics that disproportionately affect men. Being a feminist doesn’t mean denying any of that, in fact, being a feminist means being more able to recognize the way that our hierarchical culture hurts men too, because we are used to analyzing culture in terms of gender, class, race, religion, etc.
    But the fact that certain men are being treated unfairly does not follow from the fact that I want women to be treated more fairly.
    You’re just really, really missing the point. And you’re assuming that we possess a certain naivete about “white male anger” that we do not.
    What about OUR fucking anger?

  • tsokol

    Perhaps these poor men should try to remember what being a MAN means.
    HINT — It’s not remaining an infantilized, crying, baby, for your entire life.
    The real shame is that men do not understand when they have it good. All most do is whine about all those “other” people — be they women or various minorities.
    Grow up!
    By the way, threatening women with rape sure is a sign of a grown-up, “real” man — isn’t it??

  • Ismone

    Since the post I was responding to has been taken down, you can take mine down too, if you like. :) –Iz

  • baddesignhurts

    i know *i’ll* be freaking out when the network crashes; how else will i be able to look at porn?! i won’t be able to get off! SHIT!
    oh, wait. that’s not me. that’s this douchenozzle.

  • adminassistant

    I’m sorry, “help my people?” What in the shit does that mean? I didn’t help my people because I was too busy selfishly squandering just what exactly?

  • laurajd

    Three words: What a fucking idiot…
    Ohh wait…that’s technically four words…
    All of the anti-feminist people that send emails like that just can’t seem to understand grammar pretty well…
    People like that are so sad…

  • penn

    “…you will be raped and made subject to men. you fear this and that is why you hate us.”
    Yes, I do hate people like you because you take joy in the idea of raping and subjagating women.
    That makes perfect sense to me, actually.

  • ShelbyWoo

    I’m sorry, “help my people?” What in the shit does that mean?
    Yeah, what is that? Maybe your “my people” since we are both Administrative Assistants?
    I’m betting that it has to do with vaginas somehow, too. Administrative Assistants with vaginas unite!
    I love how horrible we are for being full of hatred and killing fetuses…but raping is a-okay! Do these d-bags even read what they are writing? Never mind, I know the answer.

  • kendraj

    This made me laugh. I love ‘legalized murder of fetuses’ it’s just so ridiculous to me that people believe that tripe.

  • Morgan La Fey

    So the “murder” of fetuses is an unspeakable crime, but the rape and domination of women is totes okay.

  • adminassistant

    Perhaps we should do more to help our fellow administrative assistants by not selfishly accepting such piss-poor pay?

  • Ariel

    Looks like someone needs a nap. Lol What and ass.

  • ShelbyWoo

    I see “totes okay” a lot. What does it mean? Or, probably more a appropriate question for the intertubes, where did it originate?
    I hear ya! Piss-poor pay for doing the boss’s work as well as your own.

  • cherrypievintage

    Oh silly me, I’ve been spelling ‘femenist’ all wrong all these years!
    Can’t wait for the network crash, thanks so much jerk! How are people like this still out there, for real?
    Oh wait……yeah, there’s W….again, silly me.

  • ShifterCat

    Funny, none of this happened during that major blackout five years ago.

  • Misspelled

    Clearly this particular asshole has for some reason chosen to impenetrably encrypt his complaints against the feminist community by arbitrarily arranging them in B-movie-tagline form. I’d try to pick it apart, but I have a whole bunch of fetuses I’ve gotta go murder.
    And ShelbyWoo, “totes” is just short for “totally.”

  • allegra

    As Rodney Dangerfield would say, “Fuck me? Fuck YOU, Vonnegut.” Or, you know, “Fuck YOU, whiney anti-feminist who is so skilled at ‘helping his people’.”

  • Marc

    Perhaps I am still hanging on to traces of socially constructed masculinity, but in situations like these, I’d rather kick the guy’s ass than laugh about it. Sometimes, I think a person just deserves an ass-kicking.
    What did we learn from this email? That women are valued less than a developing fetus – and that’s why pro-life is anti-women.
    By the way, I picked up Jessica’s FFF as I was browsing for WMST textbooks the other day, and saw a great shirt idea, so now I am the proud owner of a shirt that says, “Show Me Your Wits!” I hope it becomes the new style this summer. :D

  • luhuien