New Community Feature!

In our everlasting quest to make Feministing better, we’ve implemented a new function that allows editors to “front page” a community post. Basically, that means if we see a community post we really don’t want readers to miss, in addition to recommending it, we’ll reprint it on Feministing’s main page. (It will stay on the Community page as well, of course.)
We’ll be testing it out soon, so be on the lookout for some great posts from our amazing community bloggers.
Related: Don’t forget that if there’s a particular community blogger you like, you can subscribe to their RSS feed by clicking on their profile name!

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  • Logrus

    I just sent an email, but I dunno if this is quicker. I think something messed up the site when this feature was implemented. All the content is from the front page now.

  • Jessica

    Thanks, just saw that. Fixing now. Sorry!

  • Logrus

    No worries. Actually the regular upgrades and changes made to this site are one of the things I like about it from a technical aspect, and anyone who has done site design and programming should understand that you can’t have changes and updates without expecting the occasional SNAFU.
    I wish some of the tech oriented sites, places where you would expect innovation to be a bigger focus, would implement new things as often as Feministing does.