Thai school provides bathroom for trans girls

The BBC reports that a school in Thailand is providing three bathrooms for students, one for boys, one for girls and one for “boys who want to be girls” (phrasing from the BBC).
You can see a short video clip about it here. While I think it’s awesome that they are providing a space for trans girls (or boys who are questioning their gender identity), it only leaves space for one other type of gender expression. What about girls who are experimenting with their gender identities as well?
Bathrooms have historically been a point of contention for trans people, and it’s really crucial for them to have facilities they can feel safe using. But further segregating people does not in my opinion address the underlying problems with the gender binary which can be confining for people in many different places on the gender identity spectrum.
Cultural context is obviously really important here as well, and I don’t mean to criticize the obvious progress this school is making in ensuring the safety of their students. Instead the clip brings up a lot of issues around bathroom safety and gender identity that I wanted to bring up.
See feministing community blogger pow3rful’s post about this news item.
Also, a note about language. When referring to a transgender person, always use their preferred gender identity (and pronouns). So, for example, a boy who now identifies as a girl could be referred to as a trans girl. Or a girl who now identifies as a boy would be a trans boy.

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