Athens Boys Choir Afternoon Dance Break

Since the theme of this afternoon’s posting seems to be gender (soon to come, a post about the olympic’s and gender verification) I thought I’d post this music video from Athens Boys Choir. He’s pretty fantastic and I think the video speaks for itself. I promise it will be stuck in your head.

Warning: Not appropriate for work, unless sexual words are okay…

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  • Jessica

    Um, Love. Also, he’s playing in Brooklyn in a couple of weeks. I’m there.

  • 13lesslee

    for real tho? i got a dildo. i got 2 dildoes. i got 3 dildoes.

  • Roni

    LOVE IT.

  • Livia_Augusta

    teh awesomez runneth over!

  • quiteneil

    Katz is so dreamy!

  • Rock Star

    I found this pretty hilarious, but I couldn’t help but notice that everyone in the video was white.

  • Destra

    love it, favorited.

  • Miriam

    Good point Rock Star. Noted.

  • kittykat

    This song was stuck in my head all day at work! I kept humming it to myself. LOVE.

  • Hrovitnir

    Haha, awesome. Is a pity they’re all white but I’m guessing they’re a small group of mates… it happens.