Are women hornier before their period?

Sounds like a stupid question right?
Anyway, I guess I sometimes I call my period my moon (I know, how 70’s of me), but I have never called the week before my period “venus week.” But according to this new book, the way our hormones are before the week of our period actually has an impact on our behavior. This is a pretty duh statement for most women out there, but I do think it is interesting. Some points in the book.

Women look and feel best when they are most likely to conceive (that’s the Venus Week), but it’s possible to optimize Venus and other portions of their hormonal cycle.
When estrogen levels are high (during Venus Week) women are more confident, socially agile and at ease; skin and hair looks and feels better too.
Testosterone also peaks during this week, hence the stronger desire for intimacy and heightened libido during these five to seven days.

What I don’t think is interesting is when social scientists use research like this to make definitive conclusions in women’s behavior. So take it for what it is. Sometimes we like to have more sex before our periods, among other things and you can pretty much assume that is not true for everyone and certainly not all the time.
Other problems with this type of research that I am overlooking?

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