Y-Pulse 2008: Interview with Creaters of Midwest Teen Sex Show

Sitting in on the interview with creators of the Midwest Teen Sex Show. They are awesome. When asked why they started MTSS they said, “We started by doing something that was funny and entertain ourselves.” It has turned into one of the most effective forms of harm reduction around young people and sex, along with educational and honest.
The moderator asks, “Why is humor so effective in trying to reach this audience?” They reply, “Sex is funny, repackaging info in a way people will listen. Not talking down to kids (and sometimes) we are making fun of them. We are building a relationship with youth through humor.”
In my opinion everything should have more humor and MTSS is a great use of humor while putting out information for young people around sex and sexuality. Because of the nature of their content they have gotten negative feedback along with positive, but hey, isn’t is always like that.
When asked about their favorite episode they chose this the older boyfriend.
They also gave a Feministing shout out from the stage! Thanks Nikol and Guy. We love you!

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  • Logrus

    This just makes me sad that ludes become so hard to get after 84. Damn you Reagan!

  • Jix

    I looooove MTSS!

  • SociologicalMe

    I don’t know how I feel about it, honestly. I like the concept, and most of it was sorta funny, but I was really put off by the thing about “you wouldn’t date anyone with cancer, would you?” Because of where the comment appeared in the video it didn’t really come off as a joke.

  • TiernaFeminista

    I feel like sometimes the jokes aren’t funny. There are a fair share of rape jokes and I’m just not down with that. Humor is good and important, but in some instances no matter what, I don’t think you can joke about certain topics.

  • http://jix1125.livejournal.com Jix

    It’s funny; my favorite line is the cancer line. Once I quoted it on AfterEllen and was then besieged by humorless lesbians expressing outrage at this apparent anti-cancer victim prejudice. Lolocaust. Then some commenters who got the joke embraced the situation that was now made even funnier by said outrage.
    But not everyone digs that kind of humor, unfortunately. I don’t care much for poop jokes, so there you go.

  • aliceinreality


  • Dagmar

    Seriously? Jokes about sending in documentation of your lesbian relationship? The cancer thing (and if it was meant to be funny, the writers have no sense of comic timing whatsoever)? Sex = a woman in a bikini top on all fours? Nope. No thank you.
    I really hate this ‘let’s use humour to get to the kids!’ approach, especially when the jokes show such blatant disrespect to the intelligence of the people they’re aiming at. Lesbian jokes! That’ll get the boys chuckling!

  • SociologicalMe

    Jix: I guess I’m a “humorless lesbian” then. I still don’t find it funny.

  • http://journals.aol.com/redwall33/TheMindofGenevieve/ Genevieve PlusCourageuse

    It’s a shame that you decided to coin the word ‘Lolocaust,’ because I generally agree that MTSS is funny, and that they do a good job promoting sex education to teenagers. (Though I didn’t like the cancer joke.) But I’m not sure if I want to find myself in the same camp as someone with your ‘sense of humor.’

  • WINJessica

    Wow…I just came by to say thanks to feministing for posting a link to MTSS. I’d never heard of them before, and totally watched all of their episodes last night. I loved them. I wasn’t expecting that post to cause this much controversy and negativity on Feministing.
    I was really impressed with the show. It’s very funny, and as a teen I found it very approachable. Yes, I think a few of those jokes were questionable, but that’s a risk you take as an artist. You create something and it’s not always what everyone wants.
    Overall I love what they’re doing. They said it themselves, they aren’t there to give kids all the info they need, they are there to start discussions and give teens references to places where they can get all the specifics. (Loved the shout out to Scarleteen) They also encouraged really positive things like talking to your parents about sex. I want to see any of you try making that look cool.

  • dragonfly1988

    I agree with WINJessica. I am surprised by the negativity here. While I would agree that some of the jokes fall flat or could be offensive, I think most of it is pretty funny and overall the message is a good one–and in this abstinence-only culture, an important one.