Y-Pulse 2008: Interview with Creaters of Midwest Teen Sex Show

Sitting in on the interview with creators of the Midwest Teen Sex Show. They are awesome. When asked why they started MTSS they said, “We started by doing something that was funny and entertain ourselves.” It has turned into one of the most effective forms of harm reduction around young people and sex, along with educational and honest.
The moderator asks, “Why is humor so effective in trying to reach this audience?” They reply, “Sex is funny, repackaging info in a way people will listen. Not talking down to kids (and sometimes) we are making fun of them. We are building a relationship with youth through humor.”
In my opinion everything should have more humor and MTSS is a great use of humor while putting out information for young people around sex and sexuality. Because of the nature of their content they have gotten negative feedback along with positive, but hey, isn’t is always like that.
When asked about their favorite episode they chose this the older boyfriend.
They also gave a Feministing shout out from the stage! Thanks Nikol and Guy. We love you!

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