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Thank You Thursdays: Maeve Reston

Tweet We showed you McCain stumbling over the question of whether birth control should, indeed, be covered by insurance companies in the same way Viagra is (answer=hell yes). But who asked the question? Many news outlets have alluded to “the woman from the LA Times,” but we wanted to name her and thank her for [...]
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Domestic workers enslaved in the U.S.

TweetCarolyn Frederickson of the ACLU’s DC office writes on the community blog: Yesterday, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released its report [PDF] on government efforts to address the abuse of domestic workers by foreign diplomats within the United States. The report confirmed what advocates, service providers and victims have long known: that this deeply [...]
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Women Deserve Better

TweetCheck out this spoken word performance from Sonya Renee; towards the end my jaw was dropped and I was near tears. (And I’m not that big of a softie, believe me.) Just amazing. Via KaeLyn at Feministe. UPDATE: Get the transcript here. Tweet
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Are Older Men Happier Than Older Women?

TweetA new US/UK study argues that younger women are happier than younger men and older men are happier than older women: later in life…men come closer than women to fulfilling their material goods and family life aspirations, are more satisfied with their financial situation and family life, and are the happier of the two genders. [...]
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Quick Hit: NWSA Student Blog

TweetThe National Women’s Studies Association has created a student blog. Check it out and contribute if you’re that kind of shiny age. Tweet
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