Quick Hit: Anatomy of a home birth

Madeline Holler at Babble tells the story of her illegal home birth. Check it out and feel free to share any home birthing stories in comments!

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  • Christa

    I had no idea that home birth was illegal in Missouri. That’s horrible!

  • Christa

    I had no idea that home births are illegal in Missouri. That’s horrible!

  • A male

    I gave that story five stars at the site, as I typically do with YouTube videos of “alternative” birthing methods.
    While I do trust midwives as birthing professionals, I admit I was uncomfortable with “Alice” letting the pregnancy go for 43 weeks, which is considered post-term. Delivering a larger than average baby can pose problems to the mother (statistically meaningful increase of risk or mortality to the fetus is still debated). ” . . . A satisfying ten pounds and fourteen ounces” is big, even for a 43 week gestation, and I believe mothers who’ve experienced it would agree that it would be a challenge to deliver vaginally. Certainly for small boned women as are common in my culture (Asian).
    And yes, it is outrageous that home births are not only illegal, but a felony in Madeline and “Alice’s” state.