Another neat trick on the new site

When you click on a post (try this Quick Hit about home birth as an example), in the right sidebar related posts from Feministing and the Community blog will show up. Nifty, right?

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  • Daniel Martin

    I’ll note that on posts with a huge number of related user links, this could slow down the page load, since the way it seems to be done now is that every related post is sent down the wire to the user’s browser and then javascript on the user’s browser displays the first 6.
    Also, the way it’s done was causing some issues with displaying the site if any of the related posts had a single quote or apostrophe in the title, but that may have been fixed. (I need to find a post with something related that has an apostrophe in the title first)
    If you’re using mysql or postgres as your database server, and if your developer is using MTSQL or some other plugin that allows sql queries inside templates, you might encourage them to google “mysql limit” and use the “limit” option on their sql select statement, and drop the related posts javascript. (i.e. use just straight html at that point)

  • Nancy in NYC

    The new site is beautiful, ladies. And I love the “related posts” do-dad!