Stay classy, Bloggingheads!

PhotobucketYou know, there is something simultaneously hilarious and disgusting about Blogginheads hosting Ann Althouse (of boob-shaming fame) and Robin Givhan (of WaPo’s cleavage coverage) in a clip called “Michelle Obama’s Arms.” It’s like they have no shame whatsoever. (And they really, really should.)
If Bloggingheads is really supposed to be about making political discourse better by circumventing corporate television to give folks ample time to talk about issues in depth (rather than in sound bites) – then why in the world would they produce something like this, which basically embodies the worst of American media?
Or maybe this is just what they think “women’s issues” are? Tits, arms and power suits?

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  • judy

    are they seriously having a ‘serious’ conversation about sleeves?!?

  • AlaraJRogers

    Michelle Obama carries weapons? That *is* newsworthy. Have we ever had a First Lady who was packing before? Does she not trust a possibly racist Secret Service to protect her husband? I’d love to hear that discussion…
    …oh, wait. it’s about her arms as *body parts*?
    Do they realize this has less significance than a picture of my cat with a funny ungrammatical caption on it?

  • marileec

    Hahahahaha, at first I read “Anna Althouse” as “Anal House.”

  • marileec

    Can I admit something? I can’t watch the video because I’m at work, but Michelle DOES have stellar arms. I am jealous.

  • cuddlebot3000

    This is just stupid. All I needed to see was the name Ann Althouse. “Let’s talk about women…” leads to a discussion of designers and sleeve length. For NINE MINUTES. Classy, classy stuff. On the plus side, at least Althouse didn’t make it all about herself this time.

  • Unitari

    There is so much I would rather know about Michelle Obama than what her arms look like.
    I think they need to start fining journalists who waste people’s time. maybe we can stop them from totally destroying democracy in this country,…

  • free_rhoda

    michelle obama has a constitutional right to bare arms!

  • Egyptgirl42

    Jeez, more useless crap news! Ugh, can’t these people just leave news to people who aren’t completely shallow wastes of carbon?