Express yourself! (With needles in your face)

Any day that includes Sarah Haskins is a good day indeed.

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  • waxghost

    Um, can someone please tell me if this actually shows needles being used? I’d really like to watch this but even thinking about the possibility of seeing needles being used makes me feel sick to my stomach, let alone actually watching it.

  • Alice

    Meh, I’ve had enough restorative dental work done that I’m used to needles in my face. Well, needles in my gums, actually, but if anything that’s worse!

  • Olivia

    I love the “massaging out the bumpiness” bit. Sarah Haskins rocks!

  • air14

    The last few seconds show some YouTube videos of Botox injections. She introduces these, and they start with a shot of a felt tip pen drawing dots on the bridge of someone’s nose, so just be ready with the pause button around then!

  • yellownumber5

    I’ve been meaning to go in and get my nose re-pierced for a while now, which I guess would be expressing myself…with a needle in my face.

  • Tori

    She is rad.
    I do “get” why people have this crap done, but I can’t relate. I LIKE my lines, I got them from smiling and frowning and… life, you know. I think those lines make people look interesting. The Botox stare gives me the creeps…

  • dragonfly88

    I never knew I had parentheses on my face. Thank you Juvederm for pointing that out in the hopes that I will obsess about it until I finally have to buy your product to rid me of the scourge that is aging.
    Can I just that I love, love, love Sarah Haskins. Every one of the Target Women segments has been awesome.

  • Steph

    I worked on an advertising campaign for one of these products. We all thought “express yourself” was a terrible tagline precisely because the product inhibits facial expression!
    Also, our creative director got it done as research and said it was the most painful thing she has ever experienced – and none of us could tell the difference anyway.

  • Spirallinglucy

    Not to mention that every single botox batch has to be tested on animals to make sure it doesn’t kill them. But go ahead, express yourself!

  • waxghost

    Thank you, air14!

  • FEMily!

    For anyone who doesn’t want to spend all that money on Botox, it’s very simple. Go to the grocery store. Then, go to that aisle with all the slightly defective but still edible goods that are half price. Pick out a can with a lot of dents in it. Vegetables, catfood, whatever. Open it, and rub it all over your face! Hopefully, the botulism will get rid of all those nasty wrinkles. Side effects include . . . not being able to breathe anymore.

  • nerdalert

    Sarah Haskins, how I love thee.
    My husband and I went to an amusement park last week, and it was filled with loud, self-conscious teenagers with too-tight clothes and bad make-up and tons of jewelry, and I thought, these kids are what women are supposed to aspire to be, and men are supposed to lust after? They’re…silly. One of the great comforts I have in life is that I never, ever have to be that age again. Thanks Botox, but I don’t want to look, act, or dress 15 ever again. I like my age.

  • VeggieTart

    I have earned what wrinkles there are on my face, and I intend to bloody keep them.

  • Alma

    haha great comment FEMily! I’ve noticed that myself, and I’m only 20…

  • J7Sue

    Well, we all make our decisions about what we need to do. I do Botox & Juvederm, it doesn’t hurt as much as electrolysis, and I think it’s worthwhile. I know some people don’t like to use moisturiser, but it seems to me that I get a better deal from society at large by looking slightly younger and more feminine than I otherwise would.
    And anyway, after having my skull rearranged to compensate for years of testosterone poisoning (facial feminisation surgery) and 200 hours of electro, it seems quite trivial. I think I’ve earned not having my wrinkles :-)

  • ojibwayangel

    Again, this makes me really tired about how women are targeted. Breast implants, tummy tucks, shaving legs, make-up, hair products. I own one eyeshadow and that is the only make-up that I own. It is mineral make-up by the way. But I have always despised all of this stuff that makes you more “feminine.” I am a proud Earthy sister free of toxic crap that is supposed to go on my body! YAH!

  • kam

    Yes, express yourself by making your face expressionless.

  • Alma

    I think I am in love with Sarah Haskins….She’s so wry and her observations are dead-on. My kinda show host.

  • Alice

    Steph: Also, our creative director got it done as research…
    That is a level of dedication to one’s job that is rarely found in day to day life. Wow.
    ojibwayangel: I am a proud Earthy sister free of toxic crap that is supposed to go on my body!
    What could be more Earthy than the toxin of soil bacteria? It’s like you’re injecting nature directly into your face!

  • Jane Minty

    That was awesome. I’m actually surprised Sarah didn’t take full advantage of the formal term for parenthesis – nasal labial folds!
    What really scares me is that tanning seems to be coming back in style for young women?! Walk around midtown Manhattan and check out the teenage girls and their moms. The decolletages are often very similar. I wonder if it’s some sort of Botox conspiracy. ;)
    To any young people reading: I began wearing SPF moisturizer every day about 17 years ago. If you’re wondering whether it really makes a difference, it does. I do admit that I’m planning on laser resurfacing within the next year, but it’s not due to wrinkles, just the melasma I developed due to one of my bc pill prescriptions. I figure I’ve taken really good care of my skin all of these years, so I’m going to treat myself.

  • emilysuggests

    i have a huge crush on sarah haskins

  • sonia

    i plan on expressing myself with needles in my face at the end of the month, when i turn 16 and reputable piercing shops will pierce me. and i eventually plan to express myself with needles in a lot of different places on my body. is there that much of a difference between altering ones appearance to conform to beauty standards (with plastic surgery and cosmetics) and altering ones appearance to look different from what is considered normal and, in turn, beautiful (from tattoos and piercings to more extreme form of body modification)?