Marketing to stalkers

Apparently LG is trying to appeal to dudes who like to use their cellphone as a stalking device. (How convenient! A phone for men who don’t want to bother with Maxim’s DIY stalker tips.) Engaget calls this ad “creepy” and “early-90s softcore voodoo porn.” I say it’s stalkerrific:

Ugh. Hey, buddy! That’s your mom calling to remind you that stalking is illegal. Real women don’t appreciate strange dudes standing outside their window and recording them on a cameraphone.
(Thanks to Courtney’s pal Christopher for the link.)

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  • http://http?// earlgreyrooibos

    I really hope this is fake . . . . if it’s real, I won’t be getting an LG phone next time I’m due for a phone upgrade. Too bad, too, because my LG phones have always been really good to me . . .

  • avast2006

    What freaking idiots made this?
    Does the ad have disclaimer text when he takes the picture through the window? It should. “WARNING: TAKING PHOTOS THROUGH WINDOWS INTO RESIDENCES IS ILLEGAL, STUPID.”
    Second, what exactly are they trying to sell? At least with the obnoxious ad for the game “Juiced” from a few years ago, the point they were trying to make was something like “complete customizability.” What possible feature of the phone is linked to all the crap he does with her? It’s not like the screen does anything special with all that caressing. (If it did, they wouldn’t hvae to resort to this.) All they are selling is the sex. (The creepy, abusive behavior that calls itself sex, that is.)
    Bad job, LG.

  • wandergrrl

    Well, I sent a message through the LG website to try to find out whether this video is actually endorsed by them and telling them how atrocious it is. Creepy! Ew!

  • RoseColoredGlasses

    I really have no words for this because all I can do is nod my head.
    This is just plain creepy and as a victim of being watched through the window numerous times, I find it extraordinarily disturbing! I felt really disgusting when I noticed some weird perv watching me through his window w/ binoculars.
    Uggh…this world just seems to be getting stupider…(if that’s a word)

  • Kate Hutchinson

    Seriously disturbing. I think I’m most bothered by the fact that after the sprinkler goes off, she appears to acknowledge that he’s watching her and she’s enjoying being his little video plaything.
    Please say that this isn’t going to run and it’s just a sick, sick joke.