Friday Feminist Fuck You: Online Misogyny (YouTube edition)

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UPDATE: Seems YouTube sexists don’t like my video much. I’ve banned/erased over 50 “show me your tits” and “i’m going to rape you” comments. Fun!

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  • orchid


  • wandergrrl

    Thank you, thank you!!!
    Whenever I feel shy about voice my opinions in a public forum or in any situation where my identity is not anonymous, I think of the brilliant work being done by the Feministing writers – and of how much I admire them for it – and I find my courage.

  • EverythingisImage

    hell yeah! this made me smile.
    fuck ALL misogyny.

  • Ladyface

    Keep on keepin on.

  • DallasSuz

    That does it. You forced me to click on the ad and buy your new book.
    Well that and all the pigs commenting on your piece on Alternet.

  • Jessica

    You know, I had NO idea that Alternet was going to be running an excerpt. Fun.

  • elithefeminist

    I went on the Youtube page to see if this video had already its share of sexist comments or video responses.
    It doesn’t.
    I wonder why. ;)
    Also: I want that shirt.

  • rtred

    “In the U.S. Women are more likely to be poor than men.”
    Sad but true. I know a lot of divorced women who were left holding all the debt when Mr. A$$hole split simply because they wanted to be shut of the marriage and didn’t want to fight over anything anymore.
    Sure, women have it tougher in other countries. But aren’t we supposed to be a shining beacon of how things *should* be, not just a couple degrees of better?

  • PamelaV

    This is my favorite “Friday Fuck You” yet. You look very happy to deliver it, Jessica!

  • wonderwoman

    What a great friday fuck you to the all too many misogynists out there!
    I saw one of these cowards Jessica refers to the other day when researchin for a review I am writing of Indy 4 — he is called tekno dwarf and ends his review with “fuck you woman. go suck a dick and die.” Yup, how original.

  • jezzebell88

    I can’t stand the dude that talks about American women having it so good and that we should go to Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia if we want to see real oppression. This guy is not only sexist but he is also racist.
    Gracias for the rant!!

  • DevenL

    I’m SO feelin’ that shirt.

  • ojibwayangel

    YAH!!! *kudos to you*
    I love that shirt too!

  • Mary B

    Thank you, I really needed this! I’ve spent the last couple days on the SGU forums arguing with rape apologists and other misogynists.
    Ugh, there’s even one thread where this guy is asking for advice on how to “steal” someone’s girlfriend away, and saying that he only wants her for sex.
    And just when I felt like giving up on the forum, I came over here and saw your awesome video and it cheered me right up.

  • Ninadeer

    I think this is the best one you have ever done. Bravo!

  • FeministMe

    I almost made a vid response to one youtube misogynist because it would have been so easy….
    Anyway, Jessica, where did you get your shirt in the vid??? I love it.

  • Jessica

    Thanks, y’all. Shirt can be found here:

  • Happy to be here

    Love it. I’m always amazed at the unbelievable venom spewed through anonymous web posts. I heard a line once: “Character is what you are in the dark.” It is sad there is so little character out there.

  • crshark

    Jessica posts a video saying “fuck you” to online sexists and misogynists, which in turn generates sexist and misogynistic comments. Is this surprising? The point of this enterprise escapes me.

  • rational

    Hear. Hear

  • Amit Joshi

    First FFFY I watched…I loved it! I’ll be sure to catch it every Friday henceforth…

  • Kristin

    Cheers to that!
    I’ve had my share of misogynist creepers attacking my Flickr, too!

  • Peter

    Nicely done!

  • JackieKayOh

    TGIF! Thanks Jessica.

  • Chai Latte

    I LOVE your shirt!
    I read a few of those comments and felt the wicked urge to barf. Still do, really.
    You forgot to mention all the assholes who like to tell us how to be feminists, though. Still, I suppose if you were really going to rail off the WHOLE LIST….you’d still be making the video. There are only so many hours in a busy feminist’s day, after all. ;)

  • JackieKayOh

    Hey crshark–
    A woman can be on YouTube singing, dancing, or whatever and the misogynistic vitriole is unbelievable. I mean, very often I’ll see a YouTube video of a woman performing any kind of art and you see “Slut, whore, cunt, etc, etc” in the comments! What is this?
    If it’s a woman stating her opinion on something…forget about it…the abuse is ten-fold.
    Raising awareness can be performed in many ways. Sitting back and being “sweet and nice” just isn’t good enough for the oppressed anymore. Constructive concern, commentary, humor, tongue-in-cheek, and even anger has its place in this dialogue.
    Try to look through this lens for a moment and actually go back and review YouTube and some of the things I mentioned.

  • not4nothin

    I just read the post about the comments and commented over there as well but wanted to pop in here and just say, “You go, girl!”
    You know that I don’t always agree with you but I respect what you are doing and what you have to say. Trolls and misogynists who make the vile comments about feminists and personal comments about you and tell you to lighten up, completely miss the most basic premise of feminism. Respect.
    Cue Aretha Franklin…

  • AlexaD

    LMFAO! Priceless. Excellent job.
    Where can I get one of those shirts, btw?

  • AlexaD

    Disregard my idiocy. I just noticed the link for the shirt!
    *bangs head*

  • kalidikeds

    I really needed this FFFY! Thank you so much for posting it!

  • lskpiano

    You rock, as always! Keep up the good work. Whenever I’m depressed about the state of the world, I come here to get my dose of Vitamin F (for Feministing!!!).
    PS. Can we clone you? The world needs many more of you!!

  • Ash

    Someone posted a link to your site on 4chan, the cesspool of the internet. Most of those comments are from idiots thinking that if they tell a woman to get in the kitchen people will think they’re cool.

  • crazylady

    Got to say it, too: I think this is my favorite FFY so far.
    Could I make you a sandwich?

  • Lucy

    I will always love your attitude!
    Keep it up and don’t let those idiots EVER bring you down, ‘cuz you’re better than all their bullshit.