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First up, a few Mothers Day links:
An index of the best and worst places in the world to be a mother.
Mothers in prison celebrate the holiday.
Juarez mothers demand justice for their daughters.
The former vice mayor of San Jose discusses her experiences with gender discrimination in politics.
Thomas on why food is a feminist issue.
Female Impersonator has an update on the Johnny Vegas sexual assault .
A Catholic law school tells students they can’t get credit if they do pro-bono work for a pro-choice organization.
The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a series of articles by reporter Joanna Connors, who writes, for the first time in 20 years, about being raped by a felon on parole and the fallout from that violent act. Her story “is about rape. It is about race and class. And it is about our community — our line-in-the-sand combativeness over these issues, and our stubborn and fearful reluctance to talk about them.”
There’s been some debate lately as to whether those Dove Real Beauty ads were photoshopped. Photographer Annie Leibowitz and a professional photo-retoucher say they weren’t.
All Africa profiles a woman who has climbed the political ladder in Ghana.
We mourned Mildred Loving’s passing this week. Racialicious has two great posts on interracial relationships. And Rick Perlstein republishes Loving’s call for marriage equality for same-sex couples.
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A conservative Christian group is decrying the new (old) Starbucks label, saying “the company might as well call themselves Slutbucks.” Uh, yeah.
Records show former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline’s crusade against abortion provider Dr. George Tiller continued even after he left office.
On how yogurt is marketed to women.
A 17-year-old Iraqi woman was beaten to death by her father for falling in love with a British soldier. The father was released from policy custody “because everyone knows that honour killings sometimes are impossible not to commit.”
The New York Times Magazine has a huge feature on girls’ sports injuries.
The Chicago White Sox manager won’t apologize for creating a “shrine” in the locker room featuring several blow-up dolls “surrounded by ‘strategically placed’ baseball bats” and accompanied by a sign that reads, ”You’ve Got To Push.”
Three high-school students in Sweden
won an award for designing underwear complete with a pocket that holds a condom.
The Weather Channel appears to be a hostile, sexist work climate.
Seattle’s The Stranger has a feature on masculinity. (As commenter waxghost points out, there are some real problems with this article, but it’s worth a read.)
On women in winemaking.
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Actions and Events
The disaster in Burma: How you can help.
Take the AFL-CIO’s Ask a Working Woman survey.
Support the Women Veterans Health Care Improvement Act. (More details on the legislation at Our Bodies, Our Blog.)
Click here to get involved with Ladyfest Toronto.
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